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This Lucky Angler Reels in Over 65 Pounds of Fish in Just 5 Bass

Man catches 65 pounds of fish with a 5-bass limit. It's okay to be jealous, we all are. You won't believe the size of the last one.

Bass fishing is a huge sport. Millions hit the lakes year round trying to land the trophy bass to put on their wall and brag to their buddies. A 10 lbs largemouth bass is a prized possession, but this man brings it to a whole other level.

Watch this guy reel in 65 pounds of bass in just five fish. A quite astonishing feat for a lifetime, let alone one day on the lake. Butch Brown has the most epic live well you probably will ever see.

He even at one point pulls out a 10-pound bass and says something along the lines as "this one is not much". You know you have been spoiled if that is the case.

Trust me, you won't believe your eyes as Butch continues to pull out pig after pig and release them back into the water. Watch below and prepare for you mouth to drop as he hauls the last fish out. It is a whopper!

By whopper, we meant an 18.5-pound toad of a bass. He claims that it is possibly the biggest fish caught in California that year. Hard to argue with him once you see the belly on the fish.

The crazy part is that he released all of them. That can only mean one thing, they are probably still in there.

If you are from the Midwest and other parts of the country, you just don't see fish like this. Best advice for you die hard bass fisherman....move to California.

Better plan a fishing this lake.


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This Lucky Angler Reels in Over 65 Pounds of Fish in Just 5 Bass