bass vs. duck
YouTube: Ryde_JA

Largemouth Bass Makes Duckling Disappear in an Instant

A largemouth bass slurps up a baby duck lightning fast while the camera's rolling. 

The circle of life can be vicious at times, but when this fisherman was able to film a largemouth bass eating a baby duck, it was pretty impressive.

Bass are known for being aggressive and striking their prey with lightning speed.

Take a look at this interesting bass video.

It's rare to see something like this up close and personal, and even more so for someone to be able to capture it on video.

According to the individual who posted the video, this duckling got separated from the mother duck and the rest of the group. Then the hungry bass saw its opportunity and quickly ate the duck. Bass go through seasonal eating habits, and a baby duck was on the menu this time.

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