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5 Times Hog Hunting Went Terribly Awry

Hog hunting can be fun, but it can also be dangerous, and a lot can go wrong.

Hog hunters and those who chase wild boar around the globe know all too well what a wild pig can do. Feral hogs are a scourge in the southern United States that cannot be denied from Florida to Texas with few solutions other than hog traps, bullets, and bowhunting.

Even with helicopter hog hunting and gigantic traps, these invasive beasts can overrun, out-eat, and outrun anything that already lives in their home range.

Wild pigs can only run amok on the American landscape for so long before hunters try to stop the invasion, but it can be a losing battle. With feral hog populations on the rise, even researchers at places like the venerable Texas A&M University can find themselves with their hands tied.

Even with year-round hunting and almost no natural predators, these surprisingly intelligent animals seem to be able to escape hog hunters, even with night vision scopes available to them. With Department of Agriculture and high profile entities such as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department going all-out to curb these invasive wild pigs, it still falls to hunters to get most of the kills in.

It's just that, when hog hunting goes wrong, you can see things like these happen, and it's not pretty.

1. Hunting the south carries other dangers

When rattlers show up, it may just be time to go home.

2. That double barrel ain't cutting it mister

Two shots from a side-by-side? Really?

3. When you get trucked by your quarry

This is the worst-case scenario for any wild pig hunter, but this guy held up, and made the shot in the end.

4. Too many nasty pigs to count

There are so many ways that a wild hog can do you in, it's no wonder that they started to hunt them out of a 'copter!

5. A hog on the run can be a dangerous thing

This now-famous clip shows some unfortunate shooters, and one out-of-luck hunter encounter an angry, bullheaded, stubborn wild hog.

We like to hunt, but we don't always get hunted while we do it. Hog hunters need as much help as they can get and if that means cannons or an M72 LAWS rocket then so be it!

But if you do go, just remember that sometimes they fight back.

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