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5 Great Examples of Deer Hunting Gone Wrong


Here are five good reasons why you might quit deer hunting for good.

When your deer hunting season has gone wrong and you're stuck with defeat, you can always look back on this and at least say that someone else had a worse day than you. From Texas to Missouri and from Colorado to Iowa, hunting trips will never be the same.

Deer hunting gone wrong is a state of unhappiness that we've all been a part of, and now you can see why. Deer season means the hard work of planting food plots, checking your hunting gear, and even going to the bow range, but it doesn't usually mean this.

Whether you are hunting big bucks on public land or chasing those monster bucks at deer camp, you can rest assured that there is always someone else worse off than you. Here are five times that deer hunters should have stayed in bed.


1. Calling 911 at full draw

Hunting Fail - Accidental 911 call while at full draw

Throwback to when a smart watch ruined a hunt with this 911 call while at full draw. This was icing on the cake after several previous failed hunts due to wind, weather, etc. Video is censoredDisclaimer - Before making hunting suggestions on the size of the deer, this was in a residential area with a high deer population.

Posted by Hunting Faith on Thursday, November 29, 2018

When chasing the cagey whitetail deer, a deer hunter needs to remember that his technology can hurt more than it helps.

2. Missing the Texas big boy

Never fails that you get the misses on video! #southtexasranch #texas #ranch #hunt #hunting #whitetail #deer #deerhunting

Posted by South Texas Ranch on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Everybody misses, but not too many have the guts to share a miss like this. Cheers and better luck next time!


3. When snoring up a storm keeps the deer away

Deer hunting failed.

Posted by Thor Vang on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

With a hunting buddy like this, who needs ammo?

4. When a concrete truck and an air horn get in the way

Deer Hunt Gone Wrong.... Must Watch!

You won't believe what happened this morning on my deer hunt! ...wait for it!!!

Posted by The Huntin Grounds on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sometimes the best spot is too close to the road, and then this kind of thing happens. But a concrete truck blowing his air horn?


5. Shooting at a deer through the window, literally

Bow Hunter FAIL

A Bow Hunter Forgot To Open The Glass Door

Posted by Deer and Fish on Friday, October 2, 2015

Honestly there's no way to tell what this character was shooting at, but I'm willing to bet that someone, somewhere has taken a pop-shot at a deer out of the window and somewhere along the line, and at least one of them did something like this.

At least you can say that these things never happened to you, right? Well, if you've been deer hunting long enough something will eventually go awry. Just make sure you get some video and share it with us!

If it was easy they would just call it "deer taking" and we could just walk out into the woods and collect whatever we want. Good luck with that!


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