shedding antlers

6 Times Deer and Elk Were Caught Shedding Antlers on Camera

This video playlist will get you excited for shed hunting this season!

It's difficult to find the shed antlers of a deer, elk, or moose after they've fallen. It's even harder to actually witness an animal losing an antler. So what are the odds of not only seeing a buck drop its antlers, but also capturing the rare event on video?

They're probably pretty remote. But we've compiled some of the best shed-dropping videos we could find here for all to enjoy. If these don't get you pumped up for shed season, nothing will!

Watch the video below:

As for the first video, if you're as crazy about seeking out shed antlers as I am, no doubt you've heard of antler traps. These things utilize bungees and food as a way of hopefully knocking the deer's antlers off its head. While I've never put a lot of stock in these things, this trail camera video shows they do sometimes work!

In the second video is an even rarer sight, seeing a buck shed not just one, but BOTH antlers and catching it all on film. Not to mention the fact that it's a heck of a buck to begin with! Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I'm insanely jealous!

The elk shedding are especially interesting because of how strangely the elk acts right before the antler falls. It must put their heads weirdly off balance if they lose them one at a time like this. This is the kind of thing we shed hunters dream of seeing in the field.

So there you have it, one of the rarer sights in the woods captured on video for all to see. It's especially interesting to watch the reactions of the animals when they do fall off. For some, it appears to be more of a surprise than others. It definitely seems to be a relief when it does finally drop.

Well, I'm ready to hit the woods for my first hike of the year now, how about you?