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Two Hawks Fight Over a Deer on Trail Camera Video

Footage Of Hawks Fighting Over A Deer Shows That You Never Know What You'll See On A Trail Camera

This trail camera captured some pretty cool footage of a couple of hawks fighting over a deer carcass left out in the woods.

When you put up a trail camera in the woods, you can get pictures of all sorts of things ranging, from raccoons attacking a coyote to two hawks fighting over the remains of a dead deer.

In this particular case, I imagine that the owner of the trail camera intentionally set up the camera over the remains of a deer after it had been butchered just to see what would be attracted to the scene. The person probably expected to get video of some coyotes or a few buzzards, not a couple of hawks competing for the carcass.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

I guess if that other hawk wanted to eat, it should have gotten there sooner, because the first hawk did not seem willing to share.

That’s how it goes, though: mother nature is cruel and tough. Only the strongest survive.

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Two Hawks Fight Over a Deer on Trail Camera Video