5 Signs to Help You Catch a Bass Fisherman 'Rod'-Handed

Not sure if you're dealing with a bass fisherman? Here's how you know.

It's safe to say that a southern bass fisherman has no issues blending in with his surroundings. But up here in the Northland, or out amongst the trout streams of the Rockies, he or she may not fit in so easily. Regardless of your whereabouts, here are five surefire ways you can make a positive identification.

1. He owns a bass boat. If not, he has one as his phone background. Or he has a poster of one. Or he has a repurposed water cooler full of change that says "Bass Boat Fund."

watch the bassmaster classic

If you're a bass fanatic, there's a good chance you've ridden around in one of these low-profile speed demons, or at least dreamt about it!

These boats allow for easier fish landings, better mobility in shallow water, and can still handle the waves on big lakes. The only downside is the price tag on the newer models. Don't worry, it's still possible to catch plenty of bass out of other vessels, too.

2. He's got more baitcasting reels than hands.

If he's carrying around a bundle of rods paired with baitcasters, crank baits, jigs, and topwater lures, he's not going after panfish.

Although spinning combos are becoming more popular for some finesse techniques, baitcasters still rule the bass world. They have higher gear ratios, heavier line capacity, and provide greater leverage over the fish.

3. Bass are never for supper.

A true bass fisherman is an advocate for catch and release only. Even the thought of eating one of these sport fish will make him turn his head in disgust. You can't catch six-pounders if you eat them when they weigh three!

4. He wears polarized sunglasses.

Fishermen and women of all backgrounds should be familiar with polarized sunglasses. They are essential to protecting your eyesight, and can help you see into the water. A bass angler can almost always be spotted with a pair of these resting on his nose, or dangling from his neck.

Even if the actual sunglasses are absent, a crisply formed tan line will remain behind.

5. Bass photos!

Shaye Baker (@shayebaker)

We all love to show off our fish pictures. Social media and smart phones have only made it easier to share our prized catches.

A photo such as this proudly displays that he is indeed a bass fisherman. We let our pictures announce our species preference, for all of the Internet to view and take note.

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