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The FishVerify App Makes Fish Identification as Easy as Taking a Picture


FishVerify just might be the most functional fishing app out there. 

A lot of fishing apps have hit the market as everyday tasks for cell phones continue to go up. Most of these apps are GPS centered to others that are more focused on sharing pictures. However, FishVerify has come out with something that is pretty unique. With this app, if you don’t know the fish, you can still know all the rules regarding the species, just by taking its picture.

Here’s a video breaking down the whole thing. Like all great inventions, it’s crazy to think something like this hadn’t already been invented. Anyway, here it is now, and it could make a big difference in the fishing world.

So, just by taking a fish pic, you get the local rules, regulations, edibility, and even state record data regarding your catch. For most people fishing in freshwater, this information is known. If you are out of state though, or more of a weekend warrior than an everyday fisherman, this info could be a little foggy.

However, when it comes to the salt, unless you are on your A game, local rules can change pretty quickly regarding size and slot limits. With FishVerify, it’s something you won’t really have to be all that concerned about. An app like this is as valuable as a fishing license for a guy like me that gets to saltwater once a year or so.

So what do you think? Is this an app that is going to warrant a download on your phone? If so, head over to Kickstarter right now and get in on the action. Currently, this app is only available for an iPhone, but other operating systems should be available shortly.


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The FishVerify App Makes Fish Identification as Easy as Taking a Picture