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5 Tips to Catch Warm Water Walleyes

How to get the most finicky fish to bite.

Walleye can be fickle biters even when the conditions are perfect. When the water feels like a hot tub; well that can make hooking an 'eye next to impossible. These tips will give you the edge.

1. Location

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Tracking down walleye is going to be the hardest part of a hot water bite. Depending on what type of water body you're fishing will be the primary factor of locating fish. If you're on a natural lake focus on weed and grass edges, rock structures, and humps. The closer to a drop off the better, fish will also congregate in deep pools. Focus on these deep pools when fishing rivers.

2. Troll

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Cover as much water as possible. This is a deadly, if not the only tactic, for larger lakes, rivers, and of course The Great Lakes. Locate and troll around the areas stated above. Don't forget to zig - zag and vary your speed.

3. Fish in the dark.

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Walleyes are often most active in low light conditions. So just like bass fishing when the water gets hot take the sun out of the equation. Unlike with bass you won't be fishing top water. I like to use husky jerks for these outings or green night crawlers on a crawler harness.

4. Look for bait fish.

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This when trolling helps. If you start marking clouds of bait don't hesitate to make a few passes at different speeds. Keep an eye towards the skies as well, one of the best indicators of school bait fish are birds.

5. Baits

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I already told you, green night crawlers on a purple crawler harness. If only it was that simple.

While the crawler harness combo mentioned above is one of my personal favorites it might not work for you or your area. If you are focusing on edges or deep holes tip a jig head or road runner with a live shiner or leech. Crankbaits and husky jerks will help you to cover water on a weed edge.