5 Reasons This Crazy Old Vegan is Dead Wrong About Hunting

This vegan, like most, is against hunting. Here are some reasons why she is straight-up wrong.

Hunting season is well under way and outdoorsmen and women are enjoying their time in the woods.

This vegan has been spending her time in front of a camera attempting to come up with reasons why hunting is wrong.

Watch the video to see what she has to say, then read on to see why she is wrong.

I have no problem with vegans or veganism as a lifestyle. I do have a problem with people attacking hunting and the hunting lifestyle. Here are five reasons why this crazy old vegan should stop bashing hunters and go eat a carrot.

1. In the video, the crazy old vegan calls hunting season "a time when people go out to the woods to kill animals and combine alcohol with firearms."

Kill animals? Yes. Combine alcohol and firearms? No. Responsible hunters save the adult beverages for the post hunt celebration.

2. The next claim the vegan makes is that hunting is not a good family activity and that hunters are out to "obliterate helpless animals."

First of all, hunting is a great way for families to connect and spend time together in the outdoors. Second, the goal of every ethical hunter is to make a clean killing shot and preserve the most meat possible.

3. The crazy vegan goes on to say that "hunters are also under the delusion that they're conservationists."

Hunters give more money for the the creation and maintenance of wildlife habitat than any other group. Conservation habitats benefit a huge number of non-game species and gives non-hunters, like this vegan, a place to enjoy the outdoors.

4. Whether this vegan wants to believe it or not, hunters help control deer populations. It is true that deer populations would self-regulate if left alone, but would she rather see a population of starving deer that don't make it through the winter or a group of hunters harvesting their own organic, free-range protein?

Also, vehicles kill six times more deer than hunters. What would happen if the population were allowed to "self-regulate?"

5. The vegan's last point is that "hunters enjoy killing."

If that were the case, we'd all get jobs at slaughterhouses. The fact is that the time spent killing in relation to the time spent hunting is extremely low. The kill is the culmination of time spent scouting, preparing, and waiting patiently for an opportunity.

There is no life without death. Perhaps this crazy old vegan has never considered the amount of habitat that has been demolished to grow the vegetables that she survives on or the mice, moles, and even (gasp) baby deer that are killed in the agricultural process.

If you want to live on brussels sprouts and tofu, go ahead. Just don't attack those who choose to hunt for their meat.

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