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"MeatEater" Author Steven Rinella Responds to a Vegan [VIDEO]

Steven Rinella, on his "MeatEater" book tour, cleverly responds to a vegan about the benefits of hunting and sells a book in return.  

Steven Rinella's book and TV show, The MeatEater, may bring to mind images of a chest thumping cave man for some, but Steven shows off the depth of his thinking while remaining respectful to the man asking the question.

See if your views on hunting line up with Rinella's.

Steven Rinella is the epitome of the thoughtful hunter. He discusses the historical and physiological reasons for hunting and calls out the hypocrisy of those who are against hunting but still use products made from animal parts.

If you have not read the "MeatEater" book, I suggest you pick up a copy today.

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"MeatEater" Author Steven Rinella Responds to a Vegan [VIDEO]