5 Photos of Smith & Wesson Firearm Failures

Any image of a gun failure can leave lasting nightmares.

When they're tried-and-true Smith & Wesson handguns, photos like these hurt to look at.

Try not to cringe at these five photos of firearm failures.

1. Smith & Wesson 340 SC Revolver .357 Magnum Revolver

This Smith & Wesson Model 340 SC was said to be shooting 158-grain PMC .357 loads. The fourth shot turned the revolver into a handheld grenade.

2. Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum

A rental gun in a Nevada gun range bit the dust in a spectacular way. Magtech ammo was said to have been the only diet and had been used for around nine months on a daily basis. While not a brand new Smith & Wesson revolver, it certainly should've held together. The shooter was reportedly not injured and resumed firing other large weapons after the incident.

3. S&W Model 340 Scandium Frame .357 Magnum

This J-Frame .357 magnum revolver had a really bad day. This supposedly brand new Smith & Wesson revolver fired a few shots of .38 Special ammunition. The first fired .357 magnum cartridge took the revolver down. That'll buff out, right?

4. Smith & Wesson 329PD .44 Magnum

Poorly reloaded ammunition is the word on this destroyed .44 magnum revolver. This destroyed N-Frame S&W revolver should be a wake-up call to be more careful at the reloading bench.

5. Smith & Wesson 500 Revolver with 4-Inch Barrel

Imagine the power that took this giant X-Frame revolver apart?

Gun owners need to realize the dangers that come with poorly reloaded ammunition. Whether it's a Glock semi-automatic "plastic pistol," a Ruger, a Colt, or a Performance Center S&W revolver, a design flaw, damage or bad ammunition can cause a major catastrophe. If you have any concerns, take your firearm to a pro at a reputable gun shop and have it checked out.

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