Sunday Gunday: These 7 Revolver Fails Will Hit You in the Pit of Your Stomach

Revolvers are the ultra-tough handguns that can digest anything... right?

Well these revolver fails ended at a bad fate of epic kabooms.

Revolvers are generally well suited for the hard hitting modern magnum calibers. The simple actions are said to be almost foolproof. Well these revolvers never got that memo. In many of these revolver fails faulty handloads with possible double powder charges are the culprits. Other kabooms might just never be fully understood.

7. This Smith and Wesson Model 629 was said to be done in by cheap Chinese .44 Magnum cartridges. Two pictures show you just how horrific a revolver kaboom can be.

Here is a look down from the missing topstrap area of the stricken revolver. Scary stuff.

6. This Smith and Wesson AirLite PD was said to be taken down in the prime of its life by factory-loaded Speer GoldDot .357 Magnum hollowpoints.

5. This Smith and Wesson Model 329 PD revolver sheered in half while presumably shooting factory-loaded ammunition.

4. Smith & Wesson .38 special came apart with handloads. Can anyone else guess a double powder charge?

3. A handloader shooting his own loads was the death of this Ruger revolver. Even he felt it was probably a double powder charge.

2. This Ruger SP101 Revolver is a tough revolver. It wasn't tough enough to survive whatever this shooter tried to fire from it.

1. This Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum Revolver was once a hard-hitting beauty. Now it's just scrap.