5 Ridiculous Treestands That Make Us Question the Owners' Sanity

These insane treestands are a sight to see.

Hunters have used some pretty sketchy treestands in the past.

Before we were as aware of safety measures as we are now, and before we had professional treestand companies building safe tools for us, some of our options were, shall we say, less than perfect.

These treestands are extraordinary for their own reasons! Enjoy.

How about mating an old truck cab on top of a ladder stand platform?

Or a bus? That's pretty crazy...

What happens when your deer stand decides to fall into a river?

You have the new horizontal hunting stand that is the new craze in squirrel hunting!

What happens when you have way too much time on your hands and heavy equipment to use? A state-of-the-art camper tripod stand.

A scissor lift, a hunting blind and an ATV?

A totally legit OSHA-approved hunting stand, we are sure...

Next time you're out in the woods, look up. You might find your own interesting and insane treestands!


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