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Do You Have a GhostBlind for This Season? [PICS]


The GhostBlind is a blind that uses mirrored panels to reflect the surrounding vegetation and landscape.

This blind has revolutionized the world of hunting.

The GhostBlind, set up in an area of game animal habitat, actually reflects what is around it. It is, essentially, three panels of plastic mirrors that fold out to conceal the hunter. It will reflect grass, leaves, trees, snow, sand, mud or anything else around it.


Our first question was, will the sun reflect off this product? Well, the blind actually slants downward to reflect sunlight down, and not up toward game. This allows set-up in most areas. After looking at this product more, we had some more questions. We went to the GhostBlind website to get these questions answered.

The GhostBlind seems like it would work well in grass.


Need concealment in a corn field?


How about in the white winter woods with snow? The hunter is invisible!


Give this hunting blind a chance. Cabela’s carries them for $199.99. For more information on the GhostBlind, visit their website.

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Do You Have a GhostBlind for This Season? [PICS]