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Monster Sized Squirrel of India! [VIDEO]

Just when you think it is safe to go in the jungle, you learn about super-sized squirrels.

The Indian giant squirrel, also named the Malabar giant squirrel, is a squirrel of giant proportions. It’s a native of India, so don’t expect to see one on your next North American squirrel hunt any time soon.

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It is said to be able to jump 20 feet from tree to tree and it’s coloration is nothing other than amazing. Adult weight on these giant squirrels is typically just under five pounds! Compare that with the weight of a large adult fox squirrel at 1-2 pounds, and then you can start seeing the magnitude of the size this squirrel really is.

If you ever visit India, leave the cookies at home to avoid an attack from a giant cookie eating squirrel!

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Monster Sized Squirrel of India! [VIDEO]