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5 of the Best Lakes for Catching Big Bass

There are plenty of bodies of water where you can catch big bass in the States. But what are some of the best for your next trip?

Setting the hook on a lunker bass and getting them to the boat is like nothing else: an outdoor adrenaline rush that you have to experience to understand. But what lakes can you head to for a good chance of this?

After some research and discussions with die-hard anglers, we have narrowed it down to five lakes in the United States that will provide you with a chance at a wall hanger. The list took into effect the size of fish as well as  geographical location to help be in reach of all anglers.

These are by no means the only five to look into, but you absolutely can't go wrong with any lake on this list.

1. Toledo Bend

No shocker here. Find any bass fishing list, and this lake is sure to be somewhere near the top, if not the top. Located in Texas and Louisiana, this lake is no stranger to double-digit weight bass.

Hooking onto a 10+ pound bass at any point of the year in not uncommon. This is a great place to top your personal best, and then top it again soon after. This lake takes on extreme fishing pressure by anglers, but for good reason.

The land of mega fish has an abundance of unique grasses blended throughout and offshore structures that make this a very enticing fishing trip destination every year.

2. California Delta

Giving the West Coast a little love, the California Delta comes in on this list because, well... it produces big bass.

Unique in layout, the Delta is one of the coolest bass fisheries in the U.S.. The California Delta is formed of a maze of interconnected lakes and canals that go for miles and miles with rip rap and great hideouts that are well known for having monsters lurking.

The California weather and temperatures result in big baitfish, which ultimately leads to big bass. The west coast  weather also results in a topwater bite all year round that catches anglers' eyes. Take some buddies, poppers and frogs and you will be in for a good time at the Dirty D.

3. Clear Lake

Another outstanding lake in Cali. Just like the Delta, the baitfish are big and the bass are enormous. Clear Lake has been a staple for bass fisherman's bucket list for a long time, and it will continue to be there.

The year round weather just allows you to pull out that monster bass at any point of the year. Christmas to 4th of July, you could be catching your best fish ever at Clear Lake.

Despite its name, the water on Clear Lake is not clear, but rather greenish. Many flock to this lake and it can result in that once in a lifetime bass. Very popular for swimbait fishing, there are many different structures to fish on this great lake.

4. Kentucky Lake

For all those in the Midwest looking for a lake without having to travel way south or west, Kentucky Lake is your spot!

Obviously, the year-round weather isn't the same as Florida, Texas, or California, but Kentucky Lake has one of the largest populations of bass in the country, and has some of the best and most recognizable ledge fishing in the states.

According to Wired2Fish, the lake introduced Florida-strain largemouth on the Tennessee end of the lake which has resulted in some giant weights being caught in more recent years. Overall, you won't see the substantial weights consistently caught like other lakes on this list, but it doesn't make this lake any less of a hot spot for incredible bass fishing.

Heavily pressured because of previous history, Kentucky Lake is no scrub for a bass fishing destination.

5. Lake Fork

Probably one of the best-known lakes, and the most popular Texas lake, Lake Fork has an outstanding track record of incredible bass.

Not only does it produce some superior quality bass, but also a lake where quantity is abundant. Sometime fishing lakes can be difficult and a good quantity day can make those long hours more enjoyable. As we said, this lake has produced for years and it looks as if it will keep cracking these list for years to come.

Worms and jigs can result in some giants here in that Texas climate.

And the list goes on...

As bad as we wanted to include Lake Erie, it is hard to place any lakes above some of the southern powerhouses above. The climate and weather just result in bigger fish down there. Lake Eerie is a smallmouth heaven and can also produce some incredible largemouths though. So if you live up north, be sure to give this lake a chance. And if you are an avid lake fisher, put this lake on your bucket list.

The list of five is just a list of research and opinions. Many lakes can be put in place of these. Other outstanding lakes worth mentioning include Falcon Lake, Millie Lacs, Lake Okachobbee, Lake Guntersville, Santee Cooper Lakes,  Sturgeon Bay, and many more.

One thing is certain, though; a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work, so any lake listed here will not disappoint.

Fish on!

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