4 Youth Hunting Rifles Perfect for Any Youngster Just Starting Out

A young hunter's first rifle might be the most important purchase ever. 

Do you remember your first hunting rifle? Maybe you still own it, because it brought so many great memories to you. That first rifle will propel a kid into the world of hunting like nothing else can.

We took a look and picked these four youth hunting rifles that will be perfect for the young hunter.

Many manufacturers have taken up the challenge to produce quality youth hunting rifles. Here are the youth guns that caught our attention.

1. Keystone Sporting  Arms Crickett Rifle

A short barreled single shot .22 is perfect for the first hunting rifle. Add a synthetic stock, and you don't have to worry as much about bumps and scratches. Train with small calibers and work things up from there.

2. Henry Mini Bolt Youth Rifle

This is a great little single shot rifle that will fire .22 short, .22 long or .22 long rifle ammunition. The Henry Mini Bolt Youth Rifle is a great pick, so much so that it has been adopted by the USA Olympic Shooting Team. Available in black or Muddy Girl camouflage, these great little rifles are ready for any young shooter.

3. Keystone Sporting Arms Chipmunk Rifle

The Chipmunk Rifle is another very low recoil .22. Accurate rifles that are easy to shoot will do double duty as range plinkers and small game takers.

4. Mossberg Super Bantam Rifle

When more power than a .22 long rifle cartridge is needed, kids can step up to this .243 Winchester bolt action rifle. The small sized youth hunting rifle is ready for deer and other medium to big game. You can even select what length of pull you want with their interchangeable inserts. This Mossberg rifle holds five rounds, so a quick follow up shot is ready if needed. This might be close to the ideal deer hunting centerfire rifle for new hunters. The family ay gain one more meat provider with this one.

In summary, most gun manufacturers have youth model rifles that are not only are great for young shooters but for petite-framed adults and hunters looking for the ultimate lightweight compact rifle package.

These make good choices, but almost any first rifle will be special. The important thing is you're hopefully starting someone out on a new life as a sportsman, and that really matters.

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