Stand in Awe of the 4 Biggest Typical Bucks of All Time

Discover four of the biggest typical bucks that have been shot.

Records are meant to broken, but these four giant bucks have remained at the top for a very long time. Could this upcoming season produce a buck that dethrones one of these legendary typical bucks?

Learn the names of the bucks that have been etched into the record books alongside their stories.

1. Milo Hanson Buck

The Hanson buck could easily be the most recognizable buck of all time, and for good reason. The 213" buck was shot in 1993 and is still remains the biggest typical buck to date.

Location: Biggar, Saskatchewan

Score: 213 5/8-inch Boone & Crockett

Date Harvested: Nov. 23, 1993

2. James Jordan Buck

This buck was shot in Wisconsin over hundred years ago, but still remains one of the biggest and most popular bucks of all time. The story of the buck is a little bizarre. After Jordan harvested the buck, he took it to the local taxidermist. The taxidermist was rumored to move across the country twice. Jordan had lost the buck due to the unfortunate events. However after many years, a relative of Jordan's mentioned that he bought a huge trophy deer at a garage sale for $3. Jordan inspected the buck, and it was his from years prior.

Location: Burnett County, Wisconsin 

Score: 206 1/8-inch Boone & Crockett

Date Harvested: 1914

3. Gibson Buck

Larry Gibson shot this buck in Randolph County, Missouri in 1971. Gibson sold the antlers at a show for only $200. It's tough to imagine what the antlers could sell for today.

Location: Randolph County, Missouri

Score: 205 0/8-inch Boone & Crockett

Date Harvested: Oct 29, 1965

4. Mel Johnson Buck

This buck is another longtime record holder. The buck was shot in Peoria County, Illinois. The buck holds the place for largest typical whitetail with a bow. Since 1965, there have been many bucks that come close to breaking the record, but still remains strong.

Location: Peoria County, Illinois

Score: 194 4/8-inch Boone & Crockett 

Date Harvested: Oct 29, 1965

Any bets on when one of these bucks will be bumped down by another gigantic typical whitetail? With QDMA practices becoming more popular among hunters, it could be more likely. Time will tell, but for now these bucks remain in a special spot of whitetail hunting history.