Wild Hogs
YouTube: WildTech

Hunter Drops 3 Wild Hogs With One, Well-Placed Shot

Has anyone ever made a shot that did this much damage?

Feral hogs are a huge problem wherever they are found, and as a result, hunters usually try to bag more than one whenever they encounter a sounder of these invasive, destructive animals. With great patience, this hunter waits for that one perfect shot to literally bring home the bacon.

This incredible clip shows how one man maximized his wild boar hunting ammunition. Because when there's an ammo shortage going on, you must make every shot count right? At least that's what the guy in this video does.

Watch it all unfold in the short video below. Warning that what you're about to watch is graphic.

One shot, three hogs. No tracking job required. This is no tall tale. This guy actually just killed three wild hogs with one precision shot. The proof is in the video footage. It's one of those things your buddies always talks about, but they likely have no proof of ever having accomplished. Not so for this guy.

Patience is a big part of hunting. This hunter waits until three wild hogs line up perfectly before employing a single shot from his AR-15 rifle. With a perfect head shot on all three wild hogs it is lights out for these destructive pests. This type of shot raises obvious hunting ethics questions, but there is no question it worked here.

All three hogs are down for the count in an instant and it appears they suffered little. We're not sure what caliber he was using, but it did the trick on this pigs. Most farmers would probably applaud him for being so efficient with ammo and for making a slight dent in the population.

We can almost taste the bacon from here.