Shifting Gears: 3 Manual Cars Keeping the Stick Shift Alive

Time was you would learn how to drive from a stick shift. Now, only a dwindling cast of manual cars can be found new on the lot.

Manual transmission or stick shift used to be a regular thing in cars, that's why it's called "standard." Then automatic came along and made things easier for drivers who like to shift gears and focus their attention on the clutch, gas, brake, steering wheel, and shift all at the same time.

The list of cars with manual transmission is spiraling down to a halt and auto enthusiasts the world over are holding onto the memories they made shifting gears. Now stick shift options are few and far between, but there are some  standbys out there that still offer this time-honored way of pushing a car along. The Drive put out a list of the makes and models that offer stick shift and we picked out a few of our favorites with corresponding driving purposes.

Honda Accord

Facebook: Honda

Still a stalwart in the field of sedans, the Accord Sport is a great everyday ride that offers a stick shift variable. Meant to be a solid day-to-day vehicle, the Accord's manual sport transmission offers a bit of fun for commuters looking to break out of the doldrums of city traffic.

Chevy Camaro

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The day the Camaro stops offering stick shift is the day that the zombies take over the world. It just can't happen. The Sporty Spice of our picks, the Camaro is a classic American sports ride that is meant to be driven fast and loose, and shifted from gear to gear.

BMW 340i Sedan


BMW's offer a bit of sophistication that's well within the reach of the average driver. Porsche made the list with a few of its models, but BMW has always solidly been a leader in class and style, but you still see it on the road next to you at the stoplight.

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