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The 3 Best Family Vehicles for Traveling on Thanksgiving

The family car doesn't really look like it used to.

It's been a slow death for the family sedan, as larger minivans and SUVs have cracked the top spots. The obvious advantage of roominess, for the kids, the stuff, and the dog makes the choice a lot easier these days.

Plus, larger vehicles don't suck gas like in decades past, so when you're covering miles you are less likely to shovel out the cash at the gas station.

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What's ideal for a holiday road trip? Here are three of our favorites.

1. Chevrolet Suburban


There's many who believe the king of the road in terms of family movers is the Chevy Suburban. Spacious interior, plenty of cargo space, and enough fuel-saving options available to ease the pain of the large gas tank and high pump prices.

2. Subaru Outback


A bit on the smaller side, but the Subaru's appeal has won over a lot of U.S. drivers. Perhaps more wagon than SUV, the smaller statured ride comes with a standard four cylinder, but six is an option.

A rear seat big enough for three people and there's still cargo room to spare. The Outback is also one of the safer vehicles in its class.

3. Toyota Sienna


Yes, the grand minivan gives up handling capabilities, making it a bit less "fun" to drive, but when it comes to practicality there's no denying it. A minivan, no matter how much your inner 20-something hates it, is great for traveling long distances with your family.

The Toyota Sienna mixes all the good things about a minivan, with a third row and an additional eighth seat that can stash away when not in use. The only minivan with an all-wheel drive option, the Sienna returns 20 mpg and is super comfortable.

What do you think? Are you due for an improved and upgraded family vehicle, so you can travel during Thanksgiving the right way?