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4 SUVs Most Likely to Reach 200K Miles

In recent years, the trend in the new car market has been to go big or go home. This trend has picked up so much that consumers are ditching traditional sedans and going for larger sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Ford even just announced that it's bouncing all but two car models from its lineup. Sayanora, Ford Taurus!

So, since drivers are opting for sport utility vehicles over coupes, and since more SUV's and pickups will be seen on the road by 2020, it's time to look at which full-bodied vehicles will last the longest.

The good folks at iSeeCars.com took a sample of 13.5 million car sales that happened in 2017 and listed the 10 models that had the highest percentage of examples trading in with 200,000 miles or more. The top four of those vehicles were SUV's, so consumers may be on to something after all. Here are the top four sport utility vehicles that, if you bought them this second, would make it to at least the 200K mark.

1. Toyota Sequoia



Topping the list is the Toyota Sequoia, the Japanese automaker's sleeper hit. The Sequoia is a sport utility vehicle for those who love power and want to feel like they're in a truck still, but have the convenience of a third row and so much kickback space. The Sequoia straddles the line of being a powerful SUV and a family vehicle used for soccer games.

2. Ford Expedition



Recently, the Ford Expedition has been tugging at the heart strings of those who like power and size, but who also like fuel efficiency and technology. The newest Expedition blends all that with boosted MPG, a smoother ride, and a slick SYNC 3 tech system.

3. Chevrolet Suburban


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Ah, yes, the Suburban. This sport utility vehicle is synonymous with the American family road trip and has been a consistent choice. With roller coaster fuel prices, Chevy just went ahead and upped the fuel efficiency (16/24) for vehicles of its size.

4. Toyota 4Runner


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The 4Runner is like the little brother of the Sequoia and the sort utility vehicle of choice for your cool uncle who camps on weekends. The 4Runner is built to break and comes in a few different engine sizes. With a strong V6 engine, the TRD Pro version is exactly what weekend warriors are looking for in an SUV.

This post was originally published on November 8, 2019.

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