Father's Day is Coming! Here are 25 Gifts Under $50

Here are some father's day gift ideas that won't break the bank and are actually things Dad really wants or needs this year.

Whether he's a new Dad for 2017 or just said a dinner blessing at his last child's wedding, this list has it all. Many Dads love the outdoors and for 2017, we have a great list of items to fit every father's needs and wants.

Why break the bank and go crazy this year? Just get Dad something he not only deserves, but that he wants and will use, and don't overpay for no reason. Below is a list put together for the outdoorsy Dad in your life.

1. Stylish, Compact Folding Chair: $20 via Amazon

father's day gift 2017

Eddie Bauer

Extremely comfortable and portable. Give Dad the gift of comfort as he sits on the sidelines watching your sporting events this year. Double up and Dad and Mom can enjoy the comfort while camping all summer long.

2. The Ultimate Car Freshener: $50 via Cabela's

father's day gift ideas 2017

Scent Crusher

The gift that keeps on giving. Plug this into Dad's vehicle and his smelly interior will never stink again. This little device uses ozone to kill the bacteria that causes odor and is harmless to humans. Tested with some of the strongest odors, this device proves to work over and over again.

3. Sleek Survival Tool: $30 via Outdoor Edge

father's day gift ideas 2017

Outdoor Edge

Something every outdoorsman needs, the new Outdoor Edge Para Claw. This hand tied 550 paracord bracelet forms a knife handle with a 1.5" blade even the most savage Dad can enjoy. If he camps, hunts, is a fisherman or just likes to spend time outdoors, this is a great gift for Dad this Father's Day.

4. Ultimate BBQ Tool Set: $25 via Walmart

father's day gift idea 2017


Let's face it, everything is just that much cooler with camouflage on it. Not just any camouflage, they come in the Mossy Oak pattern. That means Dad will be grilling in style this summer and who knows, maybe he will begin grilling more than usual and cook you up your favorite outdoor food. Win-Win.

5. Ultimate Grilling Spices: $42 via High Mountain

father's day gift ideas 2017

Hi Mountain Seasonings

Don't just grill, make something delicious with the ultimate grilling seasonings. For this Father's Day, Dad really wants to be outside, having a cold drink over an open flame. The only thing that makes that better is when the food comes off the grill seasoned with the best, and Hi Mountain Seasonings is just the thing.

6. The Most Educational Hunting DVDs On The Market: $13 via Drury Outdoors

If Dad is a deer hunter, he needs this DVD series. The Drury team will bring you along an entire season giving you strategies and tactics to be successful in each THIRTEEN phases of the hunting season. This DVD also features Mark Drury's largest buck to date, available to the public on video, of his 2015 buck, BUCKTOBER. The DVD features 13 episodes with 20 action packed hunts. Give Dad the gift of entertainment mixed with education and he will thank you over and over come hunting season.

7. All the Hunting Maps he Could Ever Need: Starting at $30 via OnXMaps

father's day gift idea 2017


If Dad hunts and is constantly looking for new land to hunt, he needs this. This app allows you to download the state you hunt in and gives you specific information of each property. If the property is public, Dad will know and be able to hunt that property. If the property is private, the owner's information is available for Dad to access. This may just be what he needs to get into some new property like he has been wanting for the past several years. Available as an app on your phone or as a micro SD card for your handheld GPS.

8. Country Dad's Toiletry Kit: $46 via Fishpond

Let's face it, Dad may not have as many items as Mom, but it's always nice to be organized and know where they are. A toothbrush, toothpaste, maybe a razor and some shaving cream and still plenty of room for more in this toiletry kit. The interior has two zippered pockets and can organize Dad's toiletry items fashion and functionally.

9. Deer Attractant: Starting at $12 via Amazon

father's day gift idea 2017

Monster Meal

If Dad loves hunting, trail cameras and attracting big deer, this may be a great gift for him. Monster Meal was designed by a doctor in ruminant animal nutrition. This stuff just flat out attracts deer and if it's legal in your state, Dad will be thankful you got it for him.

10. Fast and Furless: $30 via Fast and Furless

father's day gift idea 2017

Fast and Furless

So this may look like a gift for your dog, but really, it's a time saver for Dad. The time spent on a shedding dog not only brushing, but vacuuming and sweeping, could be more time Dad gets to spend with you. We know how valuable time is when it comes to spending time with Dad, so give him the give that will make him save time cleaning the dog. The Fast and Furless attaches to your home drill and safely and effectively brushes your dog gathering all sorts of hair. Hair that would normally take several strokes from a regular brush or hair that would normally fall to the floor to clean up later. A gift for your dog, sure, but a great gift for the whole family, especially Dad.

11. Keep Your Drink Cool or Hot: $30 via Amazon

father's day gift idea 2017


If you haven't heard of Yeti now, you may live under a rock. But let's face it, Yeti is constantly coming out with new things so the new Yeti Duracoat Ramblers, you actually may not have heard of yet. These will not only keep Dad's drink cold or hot all day, but they look awesome. The new Yeti DuraCoat Ramblers come in five different colors with a No Sweat, keep your hands dry, design. A must have for anyone and a great gift for Dad this Father's Day.

12. Extremely Comfortable Shirt: $50 via Eddie Bauer

father's day gift idea 2017

Eddie Bauer

Renowned for its comfort and breathability, cotton chambray is a cross-seasonal, cross-functional powerhouse. Button-down styling without button-down stuffiness. This shirt says "Dad" but shows Dad with style, class and most importantly, comfort. A gift he will wear year round and love forever.

13. Handcrafted Tequila: Find Suerte Near You Here

father's day gift idea 2017

Suerte Tequila

The single estate tequila brand, founded in Boulder in 2012, uses traditional distilling process (100% Tahona crushed), and offers a fantastic taste at a competitive price point. The Extra Añejo ($109.99), Añejo ($49.99) and Reposado ($35.99) are aged in charred American White Oak whiskey barrels for seven years, two years and eight months, respectively. The Blanco ($29.99) is rested for a minimum of two months prior to bottling. Give Dad one of the best tasting, award winning, tequila available.

14. Custom Molded Earplugs: $26 via Amazon

father's day gift idea 2017


Give Dad the gift to protect his ears. These custom molded earplugs are amazing. They form just a like a mouthguard to your ears and keep the sound out, while maintaining comfort and style. Simple to use, simple to form and simply put, a great gift for Dad this Father's Day.

15. Flexing Fillet Knife: $23 via Outdoor Edge

father's day gift guide 2017

Outdoor Edge

If Dad likes to fish and eat what he catches, this will make things much easier for him. The Reel-Flex Fillet knives are professional grade fillet knives built for excellent blade retention and corrosion resistance. They boast a comfortable, non-slip grip and are available in three different sizes. Each knife includes a sheath with swivel clip belt attachment as well.

16. Keep the Bugs off Dad: $33 via Amazon

father's day gift idea 2017


With a new, sleek design, Thermacell is repelling mosquitos and other flying bugs in style. The Thermacell uses a simple butane and heat pad to cover a 15'x15' area for protection against these annoying mosquitos. Let Dad enjoy the outdoors this summer, not become a meal for it.

17. Hunter's Ideal Wind Indicator: $40 via Amazon

father's day gift idea 2017


If Dad golfs, hunts or has any reason to know the direction of even the slightest wind, this is for him. The Cirrus Wind Indicator is a vapor, so it doesn't just fall to the ground and can detect the slightest of wind and thermals. A great gift for Dad that will be thanked throughout the summer and hunting season.

18. Dad's New Watch: $40 via JCPenny

father's day gift idea 2017


Make sure Dad is always on time and always looking classy. This affordable, under $50 watch, from Mossy Oak, is exactly what the outdoorsman Dad needs and wants. It looks great and it will make Dad look even better.

19. Cooling Towel: $15 via Amazon

father's day gift idea 2017

Dr. Cool

Look, we know Dad is already a cool guy, but let's try to keep him cool through the summer. This cooling towel can do just that. Simply wet it, wring it, snap it, and wear it around your neck, or other pulse points for an amazing cooling effect. Since the Chill Sport is made of Coolcore's non-chemical cooling fabric, it's a sport towel that can keep you cool wash, after wash.

20. Gun Builders Kit: $40 via CMMG

father day gift idea 2017


Is Dad looking to build his own AR-15 this year? Maybe he already has one but would like an upgrade in his lower components. The gun builders kit includes most of the necessary parts to build up your lower group except the commonly upgraded parts. It does not include the trigger Guard, fire control group, and pistol grip but has everything else you need for an affordable price.

21. Outdoor Sock: $14-$28 via Amazon

fathers day gift idea 2017


Built for performance in the highest degree. These lightweight, crew socks are what Dad probably doesn't even realize he needs, or wants. They are breathable and extremely comfortable. Dad will love you just a tad more and maybe every year when he thinks "Socks again?" with a negative tone, that could change to the same phrase with pure excitement.

22. Look and Sound Like a Deer: $19 via Cherokee Sports

fathers day gift idea 2017

Cherokee Sports

This is not only a multi-function deer call, but it will make Dad look pretty cool. The guys over at Cherokee Sports are always coming up with functional, yet new, innovative looks to the industry. If Dad has been trying to get the kids involved in the outdoors, specifically hunting, this may be a great gift from a wife to her husband that can be used through the whole family. It grunts, wheezes and bleats and sits comfortably on the hunters chest while in the deer woods.

23. Premium Gun Sling: $33 via Amazon

fathers day gift idea 2017

Vero Vellini

Dad may not even know he needs one of these. "I've already got a gun sling." He may tell you. But the truth is, this isn't just any gun sling. This is a Vero Villini Premium Gun sling that has many benefits. It has a non-slip back with three cushioned layers. It also has swivels designed to be quiet, which is important during the moment of truth. It comes in several different colors including camouflage so be sure to take a look at your options at check out.

24. Gun Cleaning Kit: $37 via Cabela's

fathers day gift idea 2017


Let's face it, Dad needs a gun cleaning kit he can use and use again. Something that not only does the job, but lasts through multiple cleaning sessions. The Hoppe's Deluxe Cleaning kit does just that. Help Dad keep his guns clean this Father's Day and get him something he will truly use.

25. Do More Than See in the Dark: $50 via Amazon

fathers day gift idea 2017

Black Diamond Equipment

The storm headlamp features two different powerful beam settings in a fully waterproof housing. A spot beam, for distance, and a proximity beam with an improved lens for close range activities. Together the beams produce over 350 lumens and provides plenty of light for all of your outdoor activity needs. Something Dad not only wants, but needs.

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