2019 Hyundai Veloster to Star Alongside Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man"

The 2019 Hyundai Veloster is making a big splash, starring in Marvel Studio's Ant-Man and the Wasp promotional material this summer.

In the product placement agreement between the Korean car company and Marvel, the Hyundai Veloster will be featured everywhere, doubling as a packaged toy car at its world premiere red-carpet event, custom artwork mail, and in mini-ads inside Marvel comic books.

In addition, miniature versions of the Hyundai Veloster will be scattered throughout Los Angeles treasure-hunt style, with social media awarding its finders an exclusive screening three days before release, with clues announced in its Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat profiles. This comes on the heels of the announcement of the BMW M5 making a splash in the upcoming Mission: Impossible: Fallout film.


Happy Hyundai Days

"Having our all-new Veloster immersed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a great way to entertain consumers and showcase the vehicle's stylish design and performance capabilities to a massive audience," said Dean Evans, CMO, Hyundai Motor America. "We wanted to take full advantage of this collaboration by engaging fans and providing them with experiences beyond the big screen."

Look for Ant-Man and the Wasp to hit theaters nationwide on July 6 and be looking to spot the all-new Hyundai Veloster zipping through the San Francisco streets onscreen.

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