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2016 Demolishes 2015's All-Time Gun Background Check Record

2016 broke all records for numbers of guns sold and background checks performed by licensed gun dealers. Thanks Obama! No, seriously, thanks!

Now that 2016 has come to a close, Breitbart reports that the number of background checks performed, and reported by the FBI, was incredible, beating 2015 (which was also a record year) by over four million. That is just simply astounding.

It was only a month or two ago that we reported that January through November of 2016 had already broken the previous record, but now that 2016 is officially in the books the final tally is in and it's mighty impressive. I guess America just isn't that into the anti-gun crowd's agenda.

We also reported that Wisconsin had issued more than 300,000 concealed carry permits since that program began in the Dairy State. So, the gun culture and Constitutional rights are very much alive and well with much of the American public, in spite of the constant and relentless push by anti-gun activists to curtail those rights.

In fact, America seems to reject gun control on a massive level - California, New York, Chicago and a few other Constitutionally restricted places notwithstanding.

December saw a drop in total background checks from 2015's December total (by around 500,000) but the month was still very impressive with 2,771,159 background checks conducted. The grand total for 2016 was 27,538,673 background checks conducted. 

This number of checks does not indicate the number of guns sold, as purchasers can buy several guns on a single background check. Theoretically, the actual number of firearms purchased could be three or four times the number of background checks conducted.

This is great news for lovers of liberty and independence. The more law abiding, well trained and responsible gun owners there are in America the less chance of bad guys being able to successfully wreak havoc upon the populace.

No doubt many of President Obama's anti-gun executive orders and policies drove a good portion of these gun sales during his presidency and especially over the last year. But with the election of Donald Trump in November's Presidential election, the climate is good for pro-Second Amendment advocates to really make some positive gains against the anti-gun forces.

The NRA rightfully took a good deal of credit for helping Trump to win the election, and the pro-liberty organization is more activated than ever to keep fighting the good fight.

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