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3-Day Time Limit Loophole Lets Bad Guys Buy Guns


The Yankee Marshal lambasts Hillary Clinton and Democrats for their lying about the 3-day time limit that supposedly allows bad guys to purchase guns.

The Yankee Marshal calls the Democrats and specifically Hillary Clinton to the carpet for lying about the 3-day time limit that is, in reality, designed to protect citizens.

Never ones to let an opportunity to take advantage of a tragedy slip by, these politicians quickly jumped up and down over those killed in the Orlando shooting to advance their anti-gun agenda.

“I just love how politicians just love to portray laws that were written to protect the people, as loopholes against justice,” he says.

First YM addresses and quickly dismisses the old ‘gun show loophole’ for the lie that it is; the ‘gun show loophole’ that supposedly allows people to purchase guns from a gun show without a background check. The only time that you can sell a firearm without a background check is when it is private individual to private individual and you both reside in the same state. All other sales must include a background check.

“It’s a protection to keep the government from sticking its nose in every private transaction between private citizens of this country,” he explains. “It’s meant to keep the government from having total control of who has what and when they have it.”

And just like the ‘gun show loophole’ is not a loophole, the 3-day time limit is also not a loophole. “It’s a protection of citizen’s rights,” he says.

Yankee Marshal explains that “The three day time limit is there to make the government do their job in a timely manner, and in a way that doesn’t interfere with your ability to exercise your Second Amendment rights. Without that three day time frame in which they can do their job, they’d be able to delay you indefinitely. They would be able to impose a de facto ban on people simply by being incompetent.”

He continues: “And we all know how great the government is at being incompetent. Just look at things like Social Services, look at the Veterans Administration, heck, look at the No Fly list everyone’s talking about right now.”

With today’s technology background checks should be almost instantaneous. If something goes wrong or incompetence ensues, they have three days to correct it or they are held accountable by clearing the gun purchase.

“If they can’t do their job competently when they’re forced to do it in a timely manner,’ he says, “what makes you think they would do their job competently if they weren’t forced to do it in a timely manner?”

This could be the deathknell to gun dealers and it would certainly be a huge inconvenience for the people to have to wait one to who knows how many years to get your gun. It would essentially work like a gun ban. So, the 3-day time limit is not a loophole. It’s there to protect you.

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3-Day Time Limit Loophole Lets Bad Guys Buy Guns