200 Inch Whitetail Youth Hunter
YouTube: Westin MacCauley

Youth Hunter Gets Spoiled For Life After Dropping 200+ Inch Whitetail in Kansas

Talk about being spoiled for life.

It's no secret we're losing hunters every year. As a result, many states have put together special youth-only deer seasons in hopes of hooking a new generation of young people on the thrill of bagging their first deer. These seasons have proven wildly popular, and many youngsters now down some nice bucks every season.

And then there's 12-year-old Westin McCauley. He's hunting in Kansas and has his sights set on bagging one specific buck. This buck being a world class Boone and Crockett class monster.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, the monster whitetail makes an appearance in a field. The young hunter makes a perfect shot on the magnificent animal.

Man, talk about being spoiled for life! This buck was truly a beast. We simply cannot imagine being blessed with the buck of a lifetime at 12 years old. Most hunters go their whole lives simply dreaming of seeing a buck like this. According to the video's description, this monster scored 211 inches. More than enough to qualify for B&C's record books.

I'll admit, I cannot help but be a little jealous I never got to participate in youth seasons like this. Michigan didn't implement them until long after I was too old to participate. Many kids shoot some awesome deer every year in these early seasons. This is claimed to be the largest buck ever taken by a youth hunter on a camera and it's probably accurate.

We're equally impressed with the way Westin carries himself on camera. This kid has clearly watched plenty of hunting shows because he acts and sounds like the seasoned pros! We'll be watching this young man's hunting career closely in the future. We wouldn't be surprised to see him with his own hunting show one of these days.

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