20 Gifts Dad Really Wants This Father's Day

If Dad likes to hunt, camp or fish, and you want to be the best gift giver this Father's Day, this list is for you.

Let's face it, Dad puts up with quite a bit throughout the year. He doesn't ask for much and he is just the best Dad you could ever ask for. This year, show him that you really appreciate him with one of these great gifts.

If you are on a budget, here are 25 FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS UNDER $50 that you can afford. But if you want to spend a little extra on the man that is a little extra special in your life, we've created a list just for you.

Below are 18 items that any Dad who loves the outdoors would love to receive this Father's Day.

1. Costa Del Mar Sunglasses: Starting at $149 via Amazon

The clearest lenses on the planet when it comes to sunglasses. Available in both plastic and glass lenses, I received my first pair this year and I can't say enough about these sunglasses. Keep Dad looking cool, feeling cool and protected with these. Dad will not be upset with this gift one bit. I recommend the Tasman Sea or the new Reefton sunglasses.

2. Lightweight Hunting Hoodie: $119 via Amazon

This isn't just any hunting hoodie, this is Sitka's CORE lightweight hunting hoodie. This hoodie is full of extras and is much more than clothing, it's gear. For the deer hunter, it is available in the Elevated II pattern which hides you like none other when elevated in either a tree stand or ridge side. It also comes with Polygiene which safely and permanently neutralizes odors using naturally antimicrobial silver salt. Each hoodie has a build in face mask, low profile hood and cuffs that turn can double similar to a lightweight mitten to give complete concealment.

3. The Ultimate Pocket Tool: $90 via Amazon

New from Gerber the Center-Drive. A new multi-tool offers uncompromising performance through revolutionary design. Dad is always the one to fix everything and sometimes it could be simple, if he could carry his toolbox everywhere. But for the times that he can't, he needs the next best thing, the Gerber Center-Drive. This tool screams innovation and comfort with it's Full size, real tools - the multi-tool just got a reality check.

4. Premium Waders: $299-399 via Amazon

Dad loves to fish, but always comes home empty handed. It's not that he isn't much of a fisherman, it's just that he can't get to those hard to reach areas. Redington not only makes some of the best waders in the business, but they are extremely comfortable and well built. The Sonic-Pro HD are a four layer waterproof-breathable constructed wader that can withstand even the toughest terrain. Dad deserves to be splurged on this season, and hey who knows, maybe he will bring you back some supper next time.

5. Yeti Hopper Two: Starting at $299 via Amazon

There's coolers and then there's the Yeti. The company that is always ahead of the innovative curve, does it again. The Yeti Hopper Two is an upgrade to the first Yeti Hopper model. The Hopper Two features a side zipper designed to be 100% leak proof. Not only does it hold your drinks and ice cooler than any other soft cooler on the market, you can rest assured that if the ice does melt, you won't find puddles of water where you least want it. Extremely portable and worth every penny, the Hopper Two is something Dad would love, be proud of, and use for the whole family.

6. The Stylish Hiking Boot: $180 via Eddie Bauer

If Dad has been the guy that likes to be in the outdoors, but doesn't like to risk compromising his style, these boots may be just the thing. The Eddie Bauer K-6 Boot is a stylish, very comfortable, waterproof hiking boot. First looking at this boot you may just think style. You may then realize it is a redesigned, original Eddie Bauer, hiking boot, and may be exactly what Dad needs to keep the kids outside a little longer than normal.

7. Hunting Safety Harness: $112 via Amazon

Let's not leave Dad hanging, atleast when it comes to a good gift this Father's Day. Every hunter who uses a treestand should own a hunter's safety system treestand harness. What's so good about the Hybrid Flex? It not only includes a multi-point safety harness, but it provides extreme comfort and includes ElimiShield Scent Control Technology. Dad not only wants one of these, he needs one and if you want Dad to stick around as long as possible, you need Dad to own and use one.

8. Bacteria and Odor Killing Machine: $199 via Cabela's

This is WAY more than just a bag for Dad's hunting clothes. This is an odor bacteria causing killing machine. See our review here. It's the Scent Crusher bag and it is a great gift for Dad this Father's Day. The ozone generator is designed to pumped ozone (O3) into the bag and kill all the odor causing bacteria that lives in your clothes. This means fewer washes in the laundry but most importantly, it makes Dad a leg up against the infamous nose of the whitetail deer and other game animals. A leading product in innovation with multiple awards, this bag may be what Dad needs to get to the next level in the hunting woods.

9. Comfortable & Versatile Hunting Boot: $160 via Rocky Boots

Not one serious hunter or outdoorsman can go without a good pair of boots. What's better than a great boot is a company that backs their products, and their service men and women. Rocky has combined their highly popular, S2V military boot design with their outdoor collection. Here, you have the well known comfort and durability that customers have come to know Rocky hunting boots for, and combined that with the outsole technology that has made the Rocky military boot a leading choice for service men and women in the field. We present to you, the Rocky S2V Jungle Hunter Boot.

10. Simple, Easy, Steel Target Kit: $60 via CTS Targets

If Dad likes his guns and he loves to shoot, this may be what he is looking for. Sure it looks like a steel plate, but Competition Target Systems has done much more than provided you with a plate of steel. The CTS T-Post Pro Kit combines two essential CTS products into one convenient package. The kit contains a post hanger which fits securely atop most T-style fence posts to hold your target. The kit also contains a CTS 3/8" AR500 round target available in three different diameters. Shooting no longer has to a process for Dad. He will just simply find a fence post, throw this target on to it, step back and shoot. It's that simple.

11. Lightweight Rain Coat: $99 via Eddie Bauer

This Father's Day get Dad something that not only keeps him stylish, but will help protect him year round. If Dad is an active, outdoorsy Dad, he needs one of these. Not only does it look great, it's extremely functional. And because it's lightweight, it can be used year round for full protection from rain for everything from grocery shopping to watching this falls sporting events.

12. ALPS Grand Slam Turkey Vest: $136 via Amazon

It's not too late to get Dad that turkey vest he has always wanted. And if the season has past, this gift gives twice: Once now and again next turkey season. A vest that can hold all of Dad's turkey hunting equipment with extreme organization and comfort. Everything from his calls, to shotgun shells to his decoys can all fit in this vest. It also includes a comfortable seat with legs to rest against. A perfect set up for the turkey hunting Dad in your life.

13. Premium Wader Boots: $149 via Amazon

If Dad is a fly fisherman, he needs these. He may think he owns a good, comfortable pair of waders and wader boots, but that may be because he hasn't tried the Redington Prowler boot. These boots offer exceptional performance and durability in a fresh, modern aesthetic. These boots are built for long days in any river condition imaginable. Dad will thank you this Father's Day, but be careful, with the extreme comfort, it may just keep him away longer than you're used to.

14. Premium Shooting Stick: $104 via Midway USA

If you don't know what this is, it's ok, Dad will. This is the new Primos Gen 3 Trigger Stick Tripod and it's built to overcome all terrain Dad may confront while hunting. They are designed with a quick detach yoke system with an integrated lock and legs that can adjust to any angle. If Dad is a gun hunter and has come home with a story or two of how he missed his shot, this is a no brainer. Help stabilize Dad's gun even when you aren't there with the Primos Gen 3 Trigger Stick this Father's Day.

15. Ultimate Turkey Decoy Setup: $55 via Cabela's

If Dad is a turkey hunter and can't decide if he wants a Tom, Jake or a Hen decoy, don't worry, Cherokee Sports took care of that problem. Their new 007 Transformer decoy allows you to buy just one decoy and interchange the beards and heads to whatever type of decoy you desire. Early season or late season, you are covered with the easy to use and change turkey decoy, Dad will be happy you did.

16. Custom Molded Bluetooth Headphones: $120 via Amazon

We can't say enough good about Decibullz, the company that brought the affordable, custom molded ear plugs. Now, they have available, not only headphones, but headphones with bluetooth. This means no wires from your earphones to your device just extremely comfortable, custom molded head phones with great sound. Something that is sure to be a hit for Dad, especially if the headphones he is using now continue to fall out, these ones won't.

17. Entire 50 State Hunting Map: $99 via onXmaps

If Dad is the traveling hunter and loves to explore new land, he needs this. This is the onXmap system that is available now in an Elite Membership. That means he can have access to every state and see on his mobile devices and computer every property. The software will show if the property is public land or if it is private, who the owner is. It also gives an address of the owner which could potentially allow Dad to talk to the owner and get access to hunt or cross that persons property. OnXmaps is extremely convenient and is available in both the Elite package as well as individual states.

18. Walls Famous Lined Duck Pants: $52 via Walls

If you haven't heard of these pants then you need to get them for Dad this Father's Day. It's 2017 folks and although these look a little old school, they don't lack in comfort. The buffalo plaid print fleece lining ensures all day comfort and warmth. With a hammer loop on the leg, a utility belt loop up front, and a convenient pocket for your mobile phone, this pant is the definition of ready. Ensure you're ready, because when Dad opens these up this Father's Day he is going to jump with joy.

19. Stowaway Blanket Poncho: $80 via Eddie Bauer

If Dad spends a lot of time outdoors, camping, hanging around the late night fire or sitting the sidelines watching your children's sporting events, this is a great gift for him. A poncho and a blanket, that doesn't lack in design or style. It folds right up into it's own and is lightweight and barely noticeable when packed for travel. If it gets cold or begins to rain, simply unpack, open up, and you have yourself a blanket that doubles as a poncho to keep Dad warm and dry.

20. The B.O.S.S. of Knives: $119 via Gerber

father's day gift idea 2017


This assisted-opening knife offers a smooth, consistent deployment. A knife that can spring open with just one hand while Dad's other hand is busy holding on to whatever it is he needs to cut. It includes B.O.S.S. Tech which features a ball-bearing system to reduce friction & provide stable performance for the long haul. Intuitively designed and painstakingly tested, the US-Assist is the next generation of the everyday pocket knife.

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