New York

2 Amazing Rescues in 1 Day by New York Forest Rangers

New York Forest Rangers made two different rescues in the same day in Kaaterskill and Platte Clove.

In the same day, and barely an hour apart, New York Forest Rangers rescued two separate people who took serious falls: one ice climber at Platte Clove and one hiker at Kaaterskill Falls.

In the early afternoon of January 30, 2017 a call came in reporting a woman that had slipped and fell some 80 feet near the base of Upper Kaaterskill Falls.

New York Forest Rangers, nine in all, with help from local firefighter rescue support got the woman out safely and transported her by chopper to Albany Medical Center Hospital.

Right when you would have thought that the Rangers' day was over, another call came in to the Greene County 911 center barely an hour later.

This time, a 27-year-old man who'd been ice climbing in the Platte Clove area was reported injured in another fall. Some 11 more Rangers, including one's who had been in on the earlier rescue at Kaaterskill Falls, descended on the area to make safe the fallen ice climber. The man was also taken to the same Albany area hospital.

All in all it was a day in the life for New York's finest Rangers and firefighters. While the DEC is reminding those who would hike the area to stay safely on the marked trails, these Rangers are prepared to do what is necessary to make us safe.

Cheers and big thanks to the NY Rangers and firefighters for the hard work they do that we all take for granted!

Cover photo via Mountain Project