Fish Recipes
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15 Inspiring Fish Recipes Beyond Just Frying It Up

Here are some ideas for fish recipes beyond just simply frying them.

Summer is here and it doesn't get much more American than a meal of fresh fish you just caught. Now, you can just do the usual and fry up some fish fillets in the backyard.

Or, you can go a little outside the box for dinner recipes and try some new things when cook time comes this summer.

We searched YouTube and chose some of the best fish recipes we're looking forward to trying this year.

Check them out. You will be ready to fire up the grill or dig out your favorite baking dish to start cooking fish right away.

Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter

A great way to use those salmon fillets in your freezer. This easy fish recipe only takes about 10 minutes total time to prepare, but it looks like it'll be a hit at dinnertime! This salmon recipe is perfect for those weeknight dinners where you do not want to spend a lot of time preparing your food. 

Pan Seared Crappie

Crappie usually get cooked as fried fish, but here is a simple way to serve them pan seared. It makes for an excellent main course at any time of the year.

Grilled Bluegill

Probably 99 percent of all bluegill kept by anglers end up as part of a fish fry. But maybe you should try taking a mess to the backyard BBQ grill this summer with this easy recipe for a dinner party treat. The only other thing you will need are some potato chips and drinks.

Bluegill Fish Tacos

Here is something few people try. If you love Mexican food and panfish, why not try combining the two by making some fish tacos?

Baked Catfish

Maybe you're looking for a slightly lighter way to cook catfish as a main dish.  Lemony baked fish is definitely an option. The great thing is that it is pretty easy to do with some lemon wedges.

Catfish Curry

If you're a fan of Indian food, this might be just the recipe to give a try this year. This recipe is both sweet and spicy.

Campfire Trout

Planning a backcountry fishing trip this year? Here's an idea for a camp recipe that everyone in your party is sure to enjoy.

Oven Roasted Steelhead

Another recipe that is incredibly simple to pull off, but also looks crispy and mouth-wateringly delicious.

Lemon Garlic Tilapia

The tilapia has a reputation as a trash fish in many parts of the country, and lots of anglers simply don't like catching them. Maybe you should give them a second chance with this recipe before you decide you hate them forever.

Chinese Steamed Fish

If you're looking for something healthier and a little outside-the-box, this quick and easy Asian recipe may fit the bill.

Whole Grilled Bass

We know, we know. Most people are exclusively catch-and-release with bass these days. But if prepared right, the whole fish is good eating! Try to find a place where some smaller bass need to be culled and you'll not only have a tasty meal, but you'll be helping the resident fish population.

Broiled Walleye

Everyone loves walleye. This recipe makes for a healthy dinner anyone can prepare.

"Poor Man's Lobster" Northern Pike

Pike are another fish that aren't always thought of as a great eating fare, but this unique and yummy recipe shows that simply isn't true.

Bangladeshi Carp Curry

Carp are another species that often gets treated as a "trash fish," but this recipe shows that all you need is the right preparation.

Panfish Gumbo

Why? Because they know how to really prepare a panfish dinner in the south!

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