15 Camping Gadgets You Can Get on Amazon for Less Than $50

Here are 15 highly-rated camping gadgets that you can get on Amazon for under $50.

That camping trip the you have planned for this summer will be much better off (and even more comfortable) when you know that the items in question didn't break the bank.

Camping gadgets come and go, and some things, like a water filter, are pretty standard. But when they don't empty your wallet, it will make your excursion even more pleasurable.

Once you arrive at your intended site, the ease of set up can give you the best camping experience possible. Settle in and begun to relax, and you'll quickly realize how some of these cool camping gadgets will really help the cause.

These are some of the highest-quality and highest-rated items that will make your next outdoor adventure the stuff of great memories. And for those who aren't into roughing it, don't worry; you don't want to walk completely away from USB ports and and coffee makers!

1. Sleeping Bag

Price: $24.50

2. Protective Campfire Gloves

Price: $17.98

3. Camp Stove

Price: $43.88

4. Hatchet/Machete Combo

Price: $29.99

5. Water Filter

Price: $29.96

6. Camp Chair

Price: $24.99

7. Coffee Pot

Price: $18.99

8. LED Lights

Price: $18.99

9. Fire Starter

Price: $13.70

10. Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $39.93

11. Solar Charger

Price: $22.98

12. Camp Scissors

Price: $5.99

13. First Aid Kit

Price: $27.88

14. Camp Hammock

Price: $26.99

15. Thermacell

Price: $24.97

Some of these items will help you clean up, some will make life easier by being hands-free, and some are great for the whole family. Name brands such as Coleman and Gerber aside, some of these things can be your best friend on the campsite.

Outdoor gear like a pop-up tent or even a bottle opener may go without saying, but the best camping gadgets are the ones that you wouldn't always think of, but serve a great purpose and get used a lot.

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