15 Awesome Guns That Prove There's no Such Thing as "Overkill"

Here's proof that calling a gun "overkill" is just like saying "you CAN have too much fun."

There's no such thing as too much money or too much fun. Most importantly there is no such thing as overkill. There is only open fire and I need to reload. Here's a few that prove my point.

1. .700 WTF Rifle

This rifle was designed in the event of an attack from Godzilla, King Kong, or that monster from Clover Field. The .700 was built to be fitted inside a modified .50 BMG cartridge. Watch the video below to see it in action.

2. MPS AA-12

When a gun is nicknamed the sledgehammer it has to be put on this list. A fully automatic 12 gauge capable of firing from a 32 round drum; what's not to like?

Image via Wikipedia

3. DP12

I love shot guns. You know what's better than a shotgun? Two shotguns, together. That's the DP 12, one of the best defense shotguns.

Image via youtube

4. Ithaca Model 37 DS

So you're probably thinking that looks like an unassuming 12 gauge. Why is it on this list? Well because slamfire. Which is the awesome ability that the Ithaca has where you can just rack shells and fire without pulling the trigger.

5. .600 Overkill

Image via Youtube

Technically this is a round but it is one of the biggest around. It also says overkill in the name so I felt obligated to give it a spot. The .600 is the largest bullet able to fit in the  CZ-550 with the intent to take down the elephants.

6. .700 Nitro Express Double Rifle

1000 grains flying at  2,000 feet per second. That's the .700 nitro express.

Now might not be the best time to mention that every round costs $125 and the gun will run you about $250000.

7. Armstrong Whitworth 100 ton gun

It's really more of a cannon. Albeit a cannon that can shot as far as you can see and take out anything in the general area.

8. Wz. 35 anti-tank rifle

The Wz. 35 is a Polish designed anti-tank rifle to be used against the Germans in 1939. Yeah you read that right and now you're thinking "Well that worked out for them." What happened was not the gun's fault, and in fact the rifle was enough to impress the Axis powers that they stole everyone of these things they could find. The rifle fired a 7.9 mm round with a 4 round magazine, accurate to 300 meters (328.084 yards in freedom units), and would blow a 20 mm hole in a tank. My freedom conversion calculator equates that to a 3/4" hole in a Panzer.

Image via wikipedia

9. The Paris Gun (Kaiser Wilhelm Gun)

The largest artillery gun of World War I. The gun was used to launch shells at Paris from 75 miles away with 8.5 inch shells weighing over 234 pounds. The shells were the first man made objects to reach into the stratosphere and took three minutes to reach their target.

Image via wikipedia

10. .950 JDJ

The largest center fire rifle ever made. For now...

The rifle weighs 50 lbs and shoots a 2400 grain bullet. Shit that had to hurt.

11. The Triple Double, 6 Barrel Shotgun

Going way back to number 3 on this list I talked about the DP12. What could be cooler than that? Well in true Demolition Ranch style, 3 DP 12's introducing the Triple Double, 6 Barrel Shotgun.

Image Via Youtube

12. This Five in One Gun

Derya MK-10, an 870 Wingmaster, Marlin 1895, UTS-15, and finally an IWI TAR-21. Just watch the video in all it's heavy awesomeness.

13. The Punt Gun

One shot, 128 clays, that is all I'm going to say about that.

14. Metal Storm

Seriously, that's its name. A weapon that has no mechanical parts and is the fastest firing automatic firearm. The bullets are loaded down the barrel in a line, then an electronic signal fires the individual bullets. Watch the video below.

15. Laser Avenger

So maybe this isn't a gun in the traditional sense...but it shoots FRICKIN' LASERS. The laser Avenger system was developed by Boeing to take out UAVs and air born missiles. It does this by firing an infrared laser mounted to an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger in the 10 kilowatt range. It has successfully fired and taken down a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Did I mention that IT SHOOTS FRICKIN' LASERS?