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Oklahoma Fisherman Catches Baby Godzilla

Not really, but this monster of an alligator snapping turtle might as well be the spawn of Godzilla.

On Sunday, angler Dave Harrell of Edmond, Oklahoma inadvertantly caught the huge alligator snapping turtle pictured below on a rod and reel while fishing for catfish in Eufaula Lake.

Harrell's buddy Audey Clark snapped this photo of Harrell holding up the giant turtle with all his might. The pic was recently posted online and has since gone viral.


There are two priceless expressions in that picture, wouldn't you say?

Harrell released the alligator snapping turtle, as they are illegal to catch, trap or kill. He estimates the big turtle weighed 100 pounds.

That's not even big by alligator snapper standards. They are the largest freshwater turtles in the world, and typically weigh between 155 to 175 pounds, but they can get as big as 250 pounds.

They're also rare. Alligator snapping turtles have survived on this planet for 20 million years, but these days their numbers are few. Their range is limited to rivers near the Gulf of Mexico.

"They are only found in few of our water sheds in Oklahoma and Arkansas," wildlife expert Jeanna Donnell told "Most Alligator Snapping Turtles are found in the eastern third of Oklahoma in streams, rivers and reservoirs, especially where there is tree cover over the water."

 Have you ever seen an alligator snapping turtle?

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Oklahoma Fisherman Catches Baby Godzilla