14 Dogs Dressed as Teachers Because They Really Do Teach Us a Lot

Listen up! 

Our dogs teach us so many things: how to be patient, how to love unconditionally, how to use puppy eyes when you want something from your significant other...

Our pets are our teachers and when they dress up like it, it just makes sense. They may not scold you for talking in class, and they may eat your homework instead of grade it, but here are 14 adorable dogs dressed as teachers because they really do teach us a lot.

1. Rusty Rodas has many degrees and can teach you a thing or two...

2. This teacher will help you cross the street after class and has great social skills.


3. This teacher has bad breath. 

4. Dr. Dexter doesn't know if these glasses actually help but knows about unique style...

5. This teacher snuck in a nap...

Dog Sleeping in her Notebook after Studying

6. This guy would've made chemistry even more exciting!

7. This teacher will teach you how to maximize the fun at the dog park. It's a science.

8. This one needs help reaching the top of the blackboard...

Dog as a school teacher with glasses and tie, blackboard with empty space for writing

9. This teach prides himself on his modernity. 

computer dog

10. This is that one teacher who always wears funky ties to be more approachable. 

11. The high school teacher that everyone pays attention to; all grade levels. 

12. "Yes, of course I have office hours."

Dog reading a book lying in a library

13. The best lesson. 


14. The middle school teacher who always comes to class with a smile. 


We love our dogs and the many things they teach us. Make sure you listen to your four-legged best friend because they have lots to tell you about living, even if you do become the teacher's pet.

What has your dog taught you? Tell us in the comments below and share with fellow dog lovers! 

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