14 Hilarious #DogPeopleProblems Posts We Can Totally Relate To

You're a true dog person if you find fur on you no matter where you are.

Problems are a part of life. But what kind of problems you face on a daily basis depends on what type of person you are. If you're a dog person, then you've definitely experienced these totally relatable dog people problems.

When dogs consume your social life.

When your fur babies are your children.


When you skip work a lot, but it's the same reason every time.

When you realize dogs are better than people.

When you don't have a dog so you "adopt" your friend's.

When you have big dreams.

When you have too many one-way conversations with your dog.


When reading is a lost cause.

When you wish you could talk to your dog 24/7.


When you choose your dog over a good night's sleep.

When separation anxiety is real.

When you only remember those who matter.

When you're the only one ready to take things to the next level.

When you never win, so what's the use trying?

A lot of #DogPeopleProblems exist out there, but honestly, these "problems" are part of being a dog lover - and we kind of like them!

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