babe ruth vintage hunting photo
Babe Ruth vintage hunting photo via pinterest

13 Vintage Hunting Photos That Capture the Good Old Days

Discover the time when things were simpler and the game was plentiful.

These vintage hunting photos took us back in time. Enjoy!

1. Minnesota Deer Camp

2. Bull Moose and Pipe

3. Market Hunters

4. Fred Bear with a Buck

5. 1915 Deer Season

6. Successful Morning

7. Packing Out Game

8. Vintage Bear Hunt

9. Mountain Lion Hunt

10. 1923 Oregon Goose Hunt

11. Good Day at the Club


12. Babe Ruth Hunting Trip

13. Packing Out a Bear


Any of these photos will take you back into time when hunting was more tied into the culture of America. Since the invention of the camera, it's most amazing feature is capturing the raw emotion of the event. This might explain the ear-to-ear grins in a few of these vintage turkey hunting photos!