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Check Out 16 Amazing Vintage Fishing Photos

Here are 16 vintage fishing photos will take you back in time for some great days of fishing. 

Get ready to go back in time and view some great vintage fishing photos that will either remind you of you’re grandfathers fishing stories. Times sure have changed, today snapping a picture with a smartphone is as easy as it gets, but these photos that were snapped upward of a half a century were special.

Check out these amazing vintage fishing photos.

1. Ladies’ day out

vintage fishing 1
Moldy Chum

2. Complete whopper

vintage fishing 2
Sport Fishing Mag

3. Stringer full

vintage fishing 3
Kramer Gone Fishing

4. A day at the stream

vintage fishing 4
Sport Antique

5. World record sea bass

vintage fishing 5
Living Vintage

6. Vintage recolor

vintage fishing 6
Living Vintage

7. Bassmaster classic

Bill Dance and Jerry vintage fishing 7
Bass Master

8. Vintage Ocean Fishing

Vintage fishing 8

9. Trophy trout

vintage fishing 9

10. Stringer of trout

vintage fishing 10
Public Domain

11. Lady Luck and a muskie

vintage fishing 11


12. She gets the best hat award, too.

vintage fishing pictures

13. Deep water fishing

vintage fishing 13

14. Vintage ice fishing

vintage fishing 14

15.  Big hole vintage ice fishing

vintage fishing 16
Fishing Tips Depot

16. Community day on the ice

vintage fishing
Metro Times

What was your favorite vintage fishing photo? Personally, the picture with fisherman with the Lady Luck jacket and muskie captures north woods fishing.

Have any vintage fishing photos? Tag @WOSpaces on Instagram and share your vintage fishing stories.



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Check Out 16 Amazing Vintage Fishing Photos