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The Good Ol’ Days: 7 Vintage Turkey Hunting Photos

NYY Fans

Take a look into the rich history of turkey with vintage harvest photos. 

Some things to don’t change, like the love of spring turkey hunting that has been getting us out of bed bright in early before sunlight for years.

Thankfully turkey hunting has been growing in popularity, thanks to organizations like the NWTF for improving wild turkey populations across the nation.

Let’s take a look at some great vintage turkey hunting photos.

1. Louisiana turkey hunters

vintage turkey 1
Louisiana Sportsman

These two know how to head out in style and swagger.

2. Turkey hunting with dogs

Vintage Turkey Hunting Photos
Turkey Dog

Those are some awesome birds.

3. Babe Ruth with a huge turkey

Babe Ruth Vintage Turkey Hunting Photo
NYY Fans

Even the Great Bambino went out into the wilderness.

4. Turkey hunter at camp with two birds

Turkey Campsite
Turkey Dog

Teepee building really is a lost art.

5. The art of manliness with a big mustache and bigger bird

Art of Manilness Vintage Turkey Hunting Photo
Art of Manliness

But really, is his mustache or is the bird bigger?

6. A glimpse of the rich history of turkey hunting

History of Turkey Hunting

That is one excellent hat.

7. A Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey
Appalachian Andrew

Turkey hunting has officially started across the nation and the tradition continues thanks to hunters and various organizations. Potentially one of the most influential advocates for turkey hunting is the NWTF. They have facilitated investments of $488 million in wildlife conservation and the preservation in North America.

In 1973, it was estimated that only 1.5 million wild turkeys resided in North America, but with the NWTF’s efforts, North America has increased the number to 7 million wild turkeys.

Good luck this turkey season and be sure to take pictures!



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The Good Ol’ Days: 7 Vintage Turkey Hunting Photos