5-Acre Fishing Pond

12,000 Fish Get Added to a Homemade 5-Acre Pond

Here's what it looks like when the fish are finally added to a popular YouTuber's DIY 5-acre fishing pond.

When a YouTube video is trending and involves a homemade fishing pond, you know something cool is going on.

When the below video showed up on our radar we were beyond familiar with the online content of BamaBass. Otherwise known as Stephen Russell, BamaBass is one of the longest-running bass fishing-focused YouTubers, sharing plenty of cool stuff since the first uploads in 2007. These days, he and his wife Liz are sharing a really cool series of videos on a private pond they've dreamed up. It's like a DIY Network show for bass lovers.

BamaBass did an excellent job of documenting the progress with pond build videos, stretching all the way from Day 1 of the build to the filling process all the way to finally adding fish. Together, the video series on the BamaBass YouTube Channel is super informative. This is perhaps one of the best, most thorough depiction of the full-on procedure we've seen. Lots of YouTubers have done this, and BamaBass is doing his version pretty well.

It was super interesting to learn about the whole private pond stocking things, especially the part that explained why smaller fish, at least at first, will set things up for success. We would have been too tempted to fill it with lunkers straight away, wouldn't you?!

It just goes to show to level of expertise and effort that BamaBass and his support system has put into this five-acre pond.

If you were creating your own DIY pond, would you do it like this? What would you do differently?

You can help support BamaBass by subscribing to his YouTube Channel and checking out his online tackle shop at BamaFrogs.com.