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12 Varieties of Soft Plastics You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

You've probably seen a lot of new soft plastics, but chances are you didn't know about these.

The world of soft plastics gets more and more crowded, causing the tackle shops and big retailers to make tough decisions on what will fill their shelves.

We know from the proven combination of vigorous research and real world application that Berkley Fishing remains at the top of the soft plastic domain, a spot they claimed years ago and continue to hold with remarkable consistency.

To help get you up to speed, here are 12 soft plastic baits from Berkley that you may not even know existed until now. Some are brand new as of this fall, while others have proven themselves already. Our hope is to leave you with a list of new baits to try next time you're in the mood to catch some fish.

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1. PowerBait Power Worms in 12-inch lengths

Maybe you've seen a tailed worm bait that looks sort of similar, but you probably haven't seen something as effective on big, hungry bass than the 12-inch Berkley PowerBait Power Worm. If you're somewhere down south and have the potential at something huge, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't use one.

2. Gulp! Nemesis in Nuclear Chicken

A minnow body combined with a relentless fish-attracting tail makes the Gulp! Nemesis one of the most unique but deadly soft plastics you can add to your bag. Nuclear Chicken gets extra points for being an awesome name and an awesomely effective color.

3. The "Big Texan" Havoc Pit Boss

With a name like Pit Boss, you know this is for flipping into depths that promise to hold bass, but are tough to get to. Give them this Skeet Reese-designed profile that mimics both a craw and a bait fish, and you'll be pulling them out of the thick stuff in no time. Plus, a color like "Big Texan" lets you know just where to use this one...

4. This much variety in the Lunch Worm

Fully revolutionized with Berkley's new PowerBait MaxScent technology, the Lunch Worm also got a fresh lineup of colors. Which of the above would you pick?

5. The deadly drop shot created by a PowerBait MaxScent Flatnose Minnow

Yes, it's been years now since fishermen figured out how valuable a drop shot rig is in their arsenal, but the PowerBait MaxScent Flatnose Minnow took it to another level. The realistic action is tough for fish to avoid, and the all-new material releases a super-charged scent field like nothing we've ever seen on the soft plastic market.

6. A soft plastic that so closely resembles a cricket

Yep, a cricket's been known to do some incredible things when stuck on the end of a hook, and Berkley capitalized on their expertise to create one of the most lifelike versions of a gamefish's natural prey with the Gulp! Alive Cricket.

7. A finesse bait worthy of the name "Power Chunk"

Another one of Berkley's new PowerBait MaxScent baits, the Power Chunk is going to give you an ultra realistic and durable material with great texture, in a bunch of greta matte colors. Try Green Pumpkin or the pictured Black Blue Fleck.

8. Egg clusters

It's not all about bass, and Berkley gives steelhead, salmon, and trout anglers something ideal to use in rivers all over the country: PowerBait Egg Clusters that come in Fluorescent Orange or Shrimp colors.

9. A shakey-head rig with something you know they'll hit

It's called a Hit Worm Magnum, so you should be prepared for the fish to hit it. Use the Green Pumpkin Magic color and a weighted hook, and don't sleep on those bites. The PowerBait MaxScent release means it'll attract fish better than anything you've used before.

10. A bug that's ready for a fight

Berkley's PowerBait Fight'n Bug looks ready for battle, perfect for enticing aggressive fish into striking. Just look at those pinchers! Use it on a light Texas rig and you'll see why it's such a good bait.

11. A lizard that will work almost anywhere


Most fishermen would be reluctant to try a lizard in their area because, you know, lizards don't live there. But you'd be surprised how well a PowerBait MaxScent Lizard can turn a slow day around. Don't think you can only use them down South.

12. A Japanese-influenced critter bait with such crazy leg action

Berkley looked to their Pro Team in Japan for help conjuring up the idea for the PowerBait MaxScent Critter Hawg, and the result is some of the most unique tail and leg action you'll see in a soft plastic. Rely on the scent technology to outmatch anything else, and use the Critter Hawg on a Texas rig, Carolina rig, or trailer.