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8 Things Beyond the Rod and Reel That You Need for Every Fishing Trip

Every fishing trip is different, but you can count on all of these things coming to your aid one way or another.

You've got a rod and reel. You've certainly got bait too, because you know you can't catch them with just a hook. You're ready to go fishing, huh?

You're feeling geared up, but there's almost certainly a list of things that'd go a long way in helping you out on just about any fishing excursion you find yourself on.

And wouldn't you know it, here's that exact list! These are things from Berkley Fishing that you'll find useful, and eventually come to wonder how you ever got along without them.

1. Precision Digital Scale

Leave nothing to chance with a trustworthy digital scale on your boat and in your tackle box or bag, every time you fish.

You never know when you'll need it to verify whether or not that monster you landed truly is a record! Or, if you're into spicing things up with a friendly competition, see which of your buddies can catch the biggest fish, or biggest bag, using a scale as the deciding factor.

This one from Berkley comes with a plastic grip to safely hold the fish, plus it can store up to eight weight entries and display the total weight.

2. Clip-On Light

If you're really doing it right, you're up before dawn and preparing your fishing gear so you can get in on the early morning bite.

That's why a Clip-On Hat Light, like this one, will do wonders when you're trying to rig up in low light conditions.

3. Soft Bait Binder

If you're anything like us, you stock up on soft plastics when you have the chance, knowing how well they work in almost every fishing season. A Soft Bait Binder is going to work wonders when it comes to organization.

Get one that holds more than 20 bags, and you should be set.

4. Line Spooler

Maybe you have a bigger one for home use, but a Berkley Mini Line Spooler could save your neck if you're stuck on the water with plenty of line but no easy way to get it on your reel. If the fish are biting, time is of the essence, and this will speed things along.

5. Lip Grip

Trust us, a Berkley Big Game™ Fish Lip Grip is such an easy way of landing and securing fish, that you'll wonder why you never had one before.

6. Rod Tip Repair Kit

Don't go fishing anywhere, and we mean anywhere, without a rod tip repair kit. You won't appreciate the advice until you are forced to use one, but get yourself ahead of the curve on this one.

7. Fishing Cart

If you're planning on spending more than a little time pier fishing or dock fishing, a cart could be just the ticket.

Haul everything you need in a Berkley Sportsman's Pro Cart, and still have a little room left over for carrying some freshly caught fish for dinner!

8. Aluminum Pliers

These Berkley 7-inch Aluminum Pliers are easily stashed in a bag or pocket, and they're such an essential, that we'll spare you the reasoning. Just get a pair, and get the best.


8 Things Beyond the Rod and Reel That You Need for Every Fishing Trip