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The Science Behind Berkley Fishing

When you've been at it for as long as Berkley Fishing has, you know you're doing something right.

Quick, take a quick second to think about your tackle box. How many of your hard baits, soft plastics, line, terminal tackle, and angler tools are made by Berkley?

Odds are there are a few, mainly because of Berkley Fishing's longevity and consistency at the forefront of fishing gear. The company rolls out a huge amount of gear that's found in fishing collections far and wide, and the reputation of high quality and performance seeps through.

Why are they so popular? It has a lot to do with the dedication to innovation Berkley has instilled throughout their history. The company likes to say that nothing happens in a vacuum, which is why their designs and methods are put to the test with renowned research methods unfathomable for lesser fishing brands.

In fact, back in the early days of Berkley, the big breakthrough innovation came in the form of Trilene, the monofilament fishing line that put them on the map. Only after extensive experimentation was Trilene ever deemed worthy of the open market, and that's stayed the case ever since.

Nowadays, plenty of gear from the Berkley Fishing factories are CAD designed or 3-D printed, and almost all are rigorously lab tested, but they know the only thing that really matters is a fish on the line. Tackle is easy to fall in love with at the store, but far too often becomes hated on the water. If you could fish with cold, calculated abandon every time, why would you pick anything else?

Here's a good example: Look at Berkely's Gulp! Alive series of soft plastics. Easily the best replacement for actual live bait, Gulp! Alive plastics expand the strike zone with 400 times more scent dispersion than typical plastic baits. They know this because they've tested it. That means you're in for a better day on the water, bar none. If you don't get many bites, Gulp! Alive baits can be placed back in their jar of scent to ReCharge their effectiveness. An extended life means money saved, not to mention more potential to catch fish.

Another reference to Berkley's advanced design and production process comes via their Fishing Multi-Tool, an all-inclusive piece of gear you'll wonder how you ever lived without. You've got your needle nose pliers, crimper, wire cutter, hook file with V-groove, jig-eye cleaner, crank bait tuner, 2" ruler, scissors, fish scaler, Phillips/flat head screwdrivers, can opener, and knife. Can you think of anything else you'd need while fishing? Yeah, we couldn't either.

One thing's for sure, every product innovation from Berkley serves a purpose. A cutting edge needs regular re-sharpening, and it's in Berkley's DNA to be the most powerful force in evolving fishing for years to come.

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The Science Behind Berkley Fishing