biggest fish
biggest fish

Here Are 11 of the Biggest Fish Ever Caught

These 11 humungous fish will leave you wanting to head to the water. Many of them are too big to fit in the frame of a single photo!

Millions of anglers rig the poles and cast lines each year in hopes of landing that monster fish. These 11 succeeded in catching some of the biggest fish ever caught. That is the part of fishing that intrigues so many: that next cast could be the one. Could be the one where you pull out a record setting fish.

And that is why the words "one more cast" are so dangerous.

Monsters in every aspect of the word. It is hard to fathom catching fish on rod and reel that exceeds weights of 500 pounds, especially from a kayak, like the large Grouper caught in #7. Some even break the 1,000-pound mark. Let that sink in.

Fishermen dream of fish like these... and can fish an entire lifetime and never even come close to hooking onto something of this stature.

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