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100 Dogs Rescued from Dog-Fighting Ring, 15 Canines Need Fosters & New Homes

There were so many dogs involved in this dog-fighting ring. It makes me sick to my stomach to look through the images presented at the court case.

This dog-fighting ring in the Tallahassee area (Gadsden County) was busted in June. 100 dogs were seized and evidence was presented that the fighting was gruesome. Leon County Humane Society took in 15 of these dogs and they're now ready for foster families and ultimately adoption.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that before arriving over the last two days, they were temperament tested at the humane society. 

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"Assessments are also being done at the facility with the dogs outside the kennels to gauge what kind of homes the four-legged friends will be best suited for."

"The interactions have been positive," says executive director of the Leon County Humane Society Lisa Glunt. "They're doing really well." 

How adorable are these pitties and bully mixes?

Fosters are needed and then families so if you're in the area (or not!) contact the Leon County Humane Society. More information can be found at www.leoncountyhumane.org. 

The trial date for those involved is set for August 12. Eight residents face more than 80 federal charges.

In an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat, the executive director of Leon County Humane Society reinforced that they will find the dogs temporary homes where they will learn how to "trust and interact" with people. Fighting dogs can be difficult to adopt out.

This case of animal cruelty in Florida seems almost impossible to believe since after the Michael Vick case years ago you'd think these rings would be wiped out immediately. We haven't written about dog-fighting cases in quite some time so I secretly was hoping that illegal dog-fighting rings were becoming a thing of the past.

The pics of these pit bulls are precious and they are the nicest dogs. Many work as therapy dogs and they just need a second chance and a new home. It could take "weeks or months" for these dogs to recover from their aggressive upbringing. That's what animal abuse has done to these sweet creatures. Animal control won't release the dogs unless it's safe of course. We certainly hope law enforcement can convict these residents of all the charges they're accused of as they shouldn't get away with an illegal dog-fighting operation. The United States must eliminate this and protect our best friends from such a terrible existence.

Please let us know what you think about this story. We know it's so horrible, leave us a comment below. 

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