ohio girl catches bass with chicken nugget
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10-Year-Old Girl Catches 5-Pound Fish Using a Chicken McNugget

Someone get this girl a McDonald's sponsorship.

Nine-year-old Charlotte Pinon of Wyoming, Ohio has some interesting thoughts on bait. She claims to have had success using gummy worms and crackers, and over Memorial Day Weekend, she decided to hook up with a McDonald's chicken nugget.

Her methods may be unorthodox, but they reap big rewards: The young angler used the chicken nugget to wrestle a 5-pound largemouth bass onto the bank of the small pond she was fishing at.

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A TikTok video posted by Charlotte's dad shows her casting out the chicken nugget. Within moments, she's hooked on the bass. Her dad and uncle cheer her on, giving her advice while she reels in the fish. In the background, her dad can be heard saying, "hashtag McDonalds!"

It wasn't the only fish Charlotte caught, either. Her dad, Austin Pinon, says Charlotte caught four different fish with four different chicken nuggets that day.

While the Ohio record for largemouth bass sits at 13 pounds, it has stood since 1976 and has been deemed by some to be "untouchable". A 5-pound bass is on the upper end of what is normally caught in Ohio, and it is quite a feat to catch on such unconventional bait.

As anglers, we often agonize over our lure, fly, and bait selections. We've read the books and gone to the workshops and conducted endless research on how best to catch a fish. For bass, most people stick to worms or lures, believing them to offer the best presentation for that species of fish.

But maybe we're all overthinking it. Maybe we should be swinging by the McDonald's drive-through on our way to our favorite fishing spot and ordering a lunch-and-bait combo.

The next time Charlotte goes out, she's going to give Doritos a try.

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