Weird Fishing Lures

15 Weird-Looking Fishing Lures That Still Catch Fish

These lures are downright weird.

We love the weird and the wacky when it comes to the outdoors, just as much as anyone else. So, while we researched some upcoming ideas, we just had to compile a list of the strangest fishing lures we stumbled upon. Can you believe these actually work?

Many a bait company has come up with some downright weird designs in their quest to bring anglers big fish. But none of them would have made it past the prototype phase had they not been proven effective somewhere, somehow. In order to weed out novelty fishing tackle that may never see the water, we chose to focus only on lures with some sort of verification somewhere online that yes, someone has caught a fish with this. What I found was a collection of lures that is truly bizarre, but might just work if you use them correctly.

Fiscan LED Jerkbait/Crankbait

This is a uniquely bizarre Amazon lure find. Where do we even begin with this Fiscan LED fishing bait? The weird shape? The outlandish-looking hooks? How about those feathers springing out the side? I guess those would resemble a pectoral fin?

As if all that wasn't enough, these lures also feature LED lighting. That gimmick was used about 10 years ago in the "As seen on TV" Laser Lure. That didn't fare so well, but the Fiscan has almost exclusively positive reviews stating they have great action and can really entice a bite.

What about the reliability of the electronics? The lone negative review on Amazon is a complaint that their lures were defective and did not light up. Take that as you will.

Lurehunter Life-Like Dragonfly

Even though dragonflies are plentiful in most fishing locations, you don't hear about anglers trying to imitate them very often. Maybe in fly fishing. But most anglers are more focused on imitating baitfish.

Again, I found this one on Amazon and verified through YouTube that yes, this lure can catch a largemouth bass. However, reviews are very mixed on this Lurehunter Dragonfly. Many complain of the wings breaking off, and yet others complain it is difficult to cast. At least a few reviews said the lure sunk on them. That's not where I'd expect to find a dragonfly!

Bass Pro Shops XTS Mini Dad Crankbaits

This is one strange-looking crankbait! It reminds us of the Rebel Craw crankbait (a consistent favorite, year after year), only it seems the Mini Dad has been on a diet.

It does have the streamlined shape of a crayfish, but those eyes are just plain bizarre. Have you ever seen a crayfish with eyes like that?

In any case, these things hold a 4.5-star rating based on 32 reviews on Bass Pro Shop's website. We're betting they have some awesome wobble action in the water. Some people state it's the best lure they've ever used. I might have to try one just based on the awesomely low price tag.

Seasky Crazy Lures

This is one of the weirdest crankbaits we've ever seen. There are plenty of crankbaits out there made to resemble crayfish or shrimp, but the Seasky Crazy Lure takes it a step further by attaching moveable claws to the sides.

We suppose those claws give off a good deal of vibration and noise to attract fish. This lure has solid positive reviews on Amazon, and at least one person said they've caught plenty of fish with it. Still, this seems like a weird thing to put in your tackle box.

Bass Pro Shops Shimmy X2 Worms

As a bass fisherman, I can confirm that we're a gullible bunch. This is probably why bass fishing lure manufacturers have been able to sell so many gimmicks to us over the years.

That thought came to mind when I first saw this strange soft-plastic worm. The Shimmy X2 Worms are like two worms fused into one. As weird as these may look, they've got great reviews online. Most say they really bring the bass in when rigging them wacky style.

Strike King King Rat

I know bass sometimes eat rodents if they can find them, but this thing looks more like something my cat would play with! Don't mix these up with the cat toys if you don't want a giant vet bill.

But if you're going to try and imitate a mouse or rat, this Strike King King Rat lure sort of looks the part. It also looks fairly weedless. The online reviews back it up as an excellent bass lure.

Berkley PowerBait Floating Mouse Tails

Okay, so you don't like the rat bait. How about just the tail?

This Powerbait Floating Mouse Tail lure looks like someone messed up at Berkley's factory and this product was the result. I would have passed off this lure as something that would never work normally.

On the contrary, this lure has 32 five-star reviews on the Bass Pro Shops website. Apparently this lure is dynamite to use on trout!

Uncle Buck's Frog Spinner

I've heard of spinnerbaits and I've heard of frog baits. Never once did I think of combining these two lure concepts into one. This thing looks like the type of gimmick that people sell to unsuspecting new fishermen and women.

But wouldn't you know it, Uncle Buck's Frog Spinner has great reviews on Cabela's website. People say this lure is decent for bluegill and other panfish, and I guess it makes sense. If you've ever seen a frog swim, they do dive underwater. If it works, who cares what it looks like?

Dr. Fish LED Lighted Bait

Here's another another light-up lure that, at first glance, seems to be a gimmick. Do lights really attract fish?

We're not sure, but this is one weird lure. The Dr. Fish LED Lighted Bait looks like a spoon, only with a weird plastic eyeball glued in the middle of it.

This lure does have good reviews on Amazon. I quickly found that people have had success with this lure for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Some reviews even had photos of their fish. One showed a nice limit of walleye. You can't judge a lure by its looks.

Dr. Fish GT Poppers

The giant trevally (or GT) is considered one of the hardest-fighting game fish on the planet. In order to catch these beasts, you've got to throw a huge topwater lure.

These Dr. Fish GT Poppers are typical of what most anglers catch the prized species on. The bizarre shape doesn't look like a baitfish to us, but when these poppers are being ripped across the surface, they make a huge racket that big GTs and other saltwater gamefish simply can't resist.

Gary Yamamoto Flappin' Hog

I was first introduced to Yamamoto baits almost 20 years ago and the first time I saw one, I couldn't help but laugh. It just looked too silly to be any good for catching fish. But a couple casts later and my uncle was pulling in a nice bass on one threaded on a jighead.

They aren't the best fishing lures I've ever used, but they're up there. Even if they are weird.

The Flappin' Hog is one of the strangest products they put out, but it probably looks like a tasty crawfish to most bass.

Sougayilang Jigging Bait

This one is a mash-up of multiple lures. It's a jig, it's a spoon, and it's a spinnerbait, all combined into one. It is weird-looking, but I can see how this one can resemble a baitfish. Believe it or not, the reviews for this Sougayilang Jigging Bait are fantastic.

One Amazon reviewer mentions killing it on coho and king salmon. Another states they first caught a grouper and then a mangrove snapper. You've gotta love a lure you can take to the river and the ocean!

Megabass Grand Siglett

If you're going to "match the hatch" on an insect, a cicada is an odd choice. How often do bass eat these? We can't really say for certain, but it makes for an interesting-looking lure.

The Siglett features rattles and wings to displace the water. There is really no reason this lure shouldn't work, although you may get some weird looks from your buddies while tying this one on!

Rage Space Monkey

When it comes to weird fishing lure names, it doesn't get any weirder than the Space Monkey. For that, we love it.

This lure is like a cross between a traditional critter bait, a Senko and a lizard. It's quite unique-looking and by all the positive online reviews, it's also a highly effective bait.

As a bonus, when you catch something and your buddy asks what you're using, you can just utter: "Space Monkey" and enjoy the look of confusion on their face!

Nordtale Bobby Fishing Lures

Ummm, do I even need to say anything about this? I think the photo of this Nordtale Bobby spinner spoon speaks for itself!

If you ever wondered where to buy weird fishing lures, just look on Amazon. These things are for sale in a five pack on the first page right next to hula popper topwater lures, swimbaits, plastic worms, crankbaits and spinnerbaits!

Hilariously enough, they also have a four-star rating on the e-commerce site. Multiple positive reviews confirm that yes, these DO workin both fresh and saltwater. I found a video on YouTube of a guy using one to catch a flounder. Who would have thought?

Gag gift fishing gear that is actually useful... That is, if you and your buddies can stop giggling long enough to keep from scaring the fish away!

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