10 Reasons Anglers Are Better in Bed

Anglers are just better in bed. Here's why.

I may as well say it right off: this is a little more adult than usual so save this one into your favorites for later because it's gonna get a little steamy in here. Pay attention now because you're going to learn a few new things about great, loving relationships with an angler, and I'm here to teach you.

In the long-term, a good lover is something that we're all looking for, and if you're looking for a great partner to share an awesome sex life with, then it's time to expose yourself to some of the reasons why anglers make better lovers.

If you're interested in a person that's good with their hands and has a deft touch, then lean back and get ready to throw a long cast into the waters that show how a fisherman is something special in bed.

And prepare to wipe the steam off of your glasses.

1. They enjoy foreplay

If you've ever watched a fisherman get prepared the night before a fishing trip, then you'll know how he appreciates getting his rig ready for use. The tenacity he has for preparing to do it—before he gets anything in return—should tell you how much he cares about you.

2. They make you feel great about your body image

A good place to start your angling sexual adventure starts by recognizing how happy he is to see you with a fish in your hands... and nothing else. Different people will tell you that certain "toys" can take you to a new level, but a person who appreciates your fish is a keeper all the way.

3. They're gentle and caring

There are tell-tale signs that an angler is worth a long term relationship by the way he handles himself when the chips are down and the clothes come off. He'll treat your big catch like it's his own the same way he treats you: he's dying to get it into the boat and get his hands on it.

4. They're a great kisser

They're lips will softy plant on you with copious amounts of lip-locking pleasure, sort of like when the bass are hitting soft plastics. He doesn't care if you're wearing makeup or not, he wants that sexual adventure with you and his body language is telling you everything.

One warning sign: fish lips.

5. He's open to new things

One of the sexiest things that an angler can do is to prove his worth by trying something that only you could have gotten him to try. A great lover is one who isn't afraid to put himself out there for you.

6. They have experience

Older anglers are sex gods that know how to do it from years of experience. Finding one of these is like finding that secret spot that nobody knows about, and it's every bit as good as you thought it would be.

And speaking of secret spots:

7. They know all about the secret spots

Sex is like ice cream, but nobody wants vanilla all the time. When you really want your nerve endings to vacillate, you need a fisherman who understands where to go and how to get there. Once he's found your secret place, you'll never go fishing with anyone else ever again.

8. Exploration

You can't find those new spots without a little exploration, and an angler knows just how to begin. He'll happily probe the surrounding area—deftly and completely—until he's found the right combination of moves that will grant him a successful target. Once he starts casting his lure into your waters, you'll know the meaning of being targeted.

9. They want you to be successful

Count on an angler to give to his partner everything that he wants for himself and more. A good fisherman knows that his partner needs to fish the front of the boat once in a while; a great one always gives his partner the front first.

10. They take care of you after

When it's all over and the kinky, exciting, and adventurous trip is through, some folks will shut down quicker than a hot bite. Anglers, on the other hand, want to talk about the trip, kiss you some more, and then plan the next one!

All in all, you could do a whole lot worse than a patient, kind, and romantic person who likes to sweat the small details and prove their worth on the field of play. Anglers never back away from a challenge, and don't mind casting their bait into an area where it might get stuck for good.

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