Tankenstein: Half WWII Gun Carrier, Half 1947 Mercury Tow Truck

The 'Tankenstein' is the coolest thing you'll ever see on tracks.

When Shawn Cormier of Ontario, Canada, puts his mind to it, things like the Tankenstein appear. Half WWII British Bren gun carrier and half 1947 Mercury tow truck, this is hot rod on tracks is all business. Powered by a big-block 305 V8, it can do a cool 50 miles per hour and doesn't let mud or anything else stand in its way.

If you were thinking about doing some wargaming with your friends, you may want to look Cormier up. He may just take you for a ride in his unique Tankenstein just for kicks.

Until that happens, take a look at the best thing to happen since Halloween:

Cormier's Frankenstein creation even comes complete with its own bullet holes! Not only that, but the Tankenstein's chassis still has some of the original glass from its towing days way back in 1947.

The only firepower this unique vehicle has now is the model Thompson submachine gun Cormier carries with him for fun.

"Who needs air conditioning or windows when you have the original glass from '47?" he asks. "I think it adds character to it."

Well, this thing is definitely unique, and we congratulate Cormier for creating this genius work of art! Our only question now is how can we get him to build us one?

Stay tuned because he isn't done yet! He's now building the Black Widow monster trike and it's every bit as cool as the Tankenstein. 

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