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Shooting Your Grandfather's 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun [VIDEO]

Your grandfather's 1928 Thompson submachine gun still spits out big bullets quick.

The machine gun that fought in many wars packs a punch with .45 caliber slugs.

Watch as these shooters have a blast with these old-school classics.

When many shooters think about machine guns, they think of modern ones such as the M16.

The classics can still rock and roll and hold their own in the trenches or at the range. Case in point is this 1928 Thompson submachine gun. Loaded up with stick magazines or the higher drum magazines, it is quite controllable. Not to mention how hard the .45acp. cartridge hits.

When you have 230-grain full metal jacket bullets streaming into a target, things get interesting.

The 1928 Thompson submachine worked well for many of our elders in World War Two.  It still can do its job quite nicely.

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Shooting Your Grandfather's 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun [VIDEO]